Tricities Meeting Agenda January 2nd 2018

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Time and place

7 PM, Coquitlam library City Centre branch, by Lincoln Skytrain

Agenda items

  1. Letter to Port Moody transportation planners regarding their presentation at our November meeting
  2. Letter to Coquitlam regarding their presentation at our December meeting
  3. Andrew and Jack to visit Pottinger Bird Community Relations (Andres site developers) on January 3rd: let's think about what to discuss there.
  4. Visits/ meetings to arrange in the new year:
    1. PoCo: can we get a PoCo guest soon?
    2. Mike Farnsworth
      1. Laura Jane wants us to arrange a meeting regarding HUB's proposed improvements to the BC Motor Vehicle Act:
      2. Might also be able to bring United Blvd to his attention
  5. Any other business?
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