Tricities Meeting Agenda Feb 5th 2019

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Minutes from this meeting

Time and place

7 PM, Coquitlam library Central branch, next to Lincoln Skytrain.

Meetings are (almost) always on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM, at this location.

Agenda items

 Sorry, most of the links go to Andrew's private email and will be deleted or fixed later
  1. Navdeep from Hub is looking for our 2019 Action Plan.
  2. Meeting room budget
  3. Laura Dupont meeting check-in Kind email from L.D.
  4. Patricia path controversy email from Jason Farmer re. controversy
  5. NATCO workshop
  6. Bike BC funding : What TriCities municipalities have applied?
  7. Let's check over HUB's 2018 Infrastructure Successes map.
  8. State of Cycling project volunteers needed
  9. Everyone fill out the Translink survey regarding bike spaces on new Sky Trains
  10. Email sent from poco about advice on Repair Cafes in their city.
  11. Review and update our UnGap the Map listings. Add our Top (5? 10?) for the year to the Plan.
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