Tricities Meeting Agenda April 3rd 2018

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  • Time and place *

Tuesday, April 3rd, 7 PM, Coquitlam library City Centre branch, by Lincoln Skytrain

  • Agenda items *
  1. Poco update. How is our search for a guest speaker going? Any city news to share?
  2. Poco Cycling event put on by the POCO Community Policing. Do we have a date? Andrew H. still wants to talk about how not to get hit by a car, but has done nothing so far :/
  3. PoMo update. Andrew H. noticed that St. Johns upgrades are high on a list of things planned in 2018 that was sent out to PoMo residents on paper. Preceded by Murray St. MUP and Gatensbury Road improvements. See:
  4. Bridge to Bridge update.
  5. Check-in on our worst trouble areas. Is anything new going on with the Pitt River Bridge? United Boulevard? Any other spots? Is there anything a committee member can do this month to help kick the can along?
  6. Update on Pottinger Bird Dewdney Trunk development. Andrew says: "Hi everyone. I attended an open house on this development last month. To recap, they are trying to put up a 220 unit condo development on Dewdney Trunk Road, very near Inlet skytrain. They want to build in some nice bike amenities, connect up to Shoreline Trails/ Skytrain/ the coming Lougheed corridor improvements, and limit parking to 0.9 spaces per unit. I will be attending a Port Moody community meeting tonight/ Tuesday the 3rd to say something nice about them".
  7. Any other business
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