September 2019

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In attendance

Scott, Helen, Dragana, Sean Rafferty, Kathryn B-E, Fiona

AGM reps on the 14th

Tri-Cities LC HUB reps needed at the AGM. No one can make it.

Bike the Night Tri-Cities

We're thinking around 300 people would show up. HUB mothership know about this idea. Fiona thinks they're probably understaffed since they're looking for volunteers. Would require closing off Guildford Way and a lot of other expensive stuff. It's a huge undertaking. Much bigger scale than anything we've done before. Could we get Coquitlam to help? How much of the work would our committee need to do? Action item: Kathryn to look into the scope of required work for this thing.

Bike the Night

Some of us are going! It's going to be fun. Everyone received a lot of free tickets and we'll endeavor to spread them around.

Municipality updates


Guildford Greenway

Action item: Scott wants to find out what the status is for the Guildford Greenway using an official email

Riverview Greenway

Scott has been getting some traction with his concept of the Riverview Greenway for Mental Health United Scott and Andrew to meet with Mark Halpin on the 24th.

United Blvd

A ways away from consideration + planning; perhaps next year.


Helen is curious about the status of the Eaglequest route. It's covered in glass. Can we find out how to get it cleaned up?


New development along Clark Road is putting pressure on the city to create an AAA bike lane along Clarke. This will reduce travel time to the SkyTrain station by around five minutes compared to crossing St.Johns twice. Transportation committee is very pro-pedestrian and pro-bike. Scott and Andrew to meet with Mark Halpin on the 24th. Andrew chatted with Chad Siemens (PoMo) about bike parking. PoMo is planning to replace old "hanging rectangle" racks with new "inverted U" design. Not a lot of new racks are planned... mostly upgrades to old ones. There is a small amount of concessions to new racks planned.

Small win by Inlet Centre Skytrain: PoMo is going to fix the loop that lets cyclists cross St.Johns N at Ioco.

Port Moody has committed to doubling the percentage of trips that are taken using active transportation in the next ten years.

Andrew and Scott to ask Mark Halpin about this. How do they think upcoming projects will affect the share of active transportation for Port Moody in the future? We aren't sure whether their commitment to active transportation is currently being acted upon in a serious manner.

Ungap the Map

Let's commit to updating our Ungap the Map list for October. Action item: Andrew to get Hub to update our list of new and current events.

Tricities Infrastructure Fix

Dragana is looking for beta testers for her iPhone app. No one is able to do it but we're all Android users and can install that app when it comes out. Dragana will contact Moreno for further suggestions.

Adapting Bike Ottawa stress map for Tri-Cities

Looks like a nice resource for both routing and transportation planning purposes. Dragana talked to Port Moody about collecting data. She's looking for people who may be interested in helping out.

Any other business

Fiona wants to know whether anyone is interested in helping the Highland Games set up a bike valet in June 2020. HUB HQ has bike valet supplies.

Kathryn wants to know whether we have a yearly calendar of community events (We don't).

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