Recap of 2019 Coquitlam meeting

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Notes based on email from Jack

  • Scott S, Jack, Canisius Chan, Mark Dylag, Aaron Dixon, Vince, Dragana, Leon went
  • currently city will continue to maintain Hartley as the cycling route
  • truckers and buses have concerns on narrow road -mirrors being clipped
  • City looking at a possible 2 way bike lane on North side of United
  • could piggyback on KinderMorgan pipeline development which would run along United blvd
  • City is seeking MOTI infrastructure grants
  • City is looking at city hot spots for collisions, will coordinate with Fraser & Coastal Health
  • currently using ICBC data but it doesn't capture near misses
  • future grade separations at Lougheed /Colony farm/ Riverview Lands and to coordinate between the Port Authority/ City on rail separations
  • new pedestrian bridge across Como Creek along King Albert linking Centennial school and their Poirier Rec centre
  • City is developing a Strategic Environmental Sustainability Plan , still in easy stages
  • Vince coordinated with Canisius on the 20/20 Gap challenge
  • Aaron will provide details on official opening on the new Lougheed/ Riverview Lands separated lane
  • Aaron will get us details on the plan so we may submit it to Hub for an Infrastructure Award
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