October 2019

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Agenda for this meeting


In attendance

Scott, Dragana, Jack, Vince, Leon, Colleen, Andrew, Neil, Fiona

Discussion with Jeff Leigh

Jeff couldn't make it to this month's meeting but Neil MacEachern came in his place.

RAC changes

Jeff wants to pare down RAC to specifically help co-ordinate trans-boundary issues between local committees. RAC also has better MOTI connections than we do.

United connection

Hume Park area improvements are supposed to be on the way.

MOTI funding for connections to Port Mann Bridge is back on the table. Apparently Coquitlam passed on it around the time that the PMB was being constructed. >:-(

Jeff is trying to determine whether we know what Coquitlam's status is on this and whether we can help bring this to the attention of their Engineering department. Committee passed their input to Jeff via Neil. Basically it looks like the City is maintaining their usual low level of interest in this gap.

Vince: Proposed North Fraser Perimeter Road may be part of Coquitlam's lack of interest in fixing this gap.

Scott wants a meeting with City reps, RAC, MOTI, interested local committees regarding the United Boulevard gap.

Jack: let's start with City, RAC and MOTI + our committee.

Leon: Can we ask RAC/ Jeff to facilitate this meeting? Action item: Ask Jeff Leigh to be on a conference call next month to talk about RAC and what they can do regarding the United Boulevard gap.

Bike to work week volunteering

Committee is aware of where to sign up for stations. Port Moody isn't doing one this year.

Report on Prairie Avenue open house in Port Coquitlam

Jack is worried about the proposed two-way MUP solution for cycling. Coquitlam may reduce space available for cyclists by adding curb bulges.

Action item: Jack is going to email Laura Dupont and Nancy McKucherich (sp) about this issue, and cc the committee so that we can have a letter writing campaign.

Report on Port Moody meeting re. OCP from Spring Street to Electronic

Jack met with Port Moody regarding the OCP from Moody to Electronic. Long term plan for pedestrian bridge over the railroad.

It's going to be 15 km/h speed limit. Jack isn't sure why they need it to have formal designation as a bike route.

This will be part of the OCP when it comes out.

Report from Burnaby (Scott) on ride with Mayor Hurley + Svend Robinson

https://vimeo.com/361972051 Really successful bit of bike advocacy from Burnaby! We would like to manage something similar out here.

Report on Port Moody meeting with Mark Halpin

Scott and Andrew met with Mark Halpin (Port Moody transportation planner) and City staff,

Tour of Vancouver infrastructure

Scott and Andrew have been invited to run a tour of Vancouver infrastructure with Port Moody staff.

Colleen suggested that we talk to Jeff Leigh about our route.

Currently in the works for Port Moody

Rocky Point MUP, switchbacks down from Moody Street to Moody Center Station Bike parking at the Skytrain station is in the works. St. Johns MUP to be done by 2022 (Moody to Snake Hill)

St Johns from Ioco to Moody: on-street separated lanes on both sides are scheduled

Clarke is very much on the back burner. It's a missing piece for eastbound traffic for sure.

Discussed Barnet Highway also. Burnaby upgraded their area but did not manage to co-ordinate anything with Port Moody.

Gap list updates

Scott: let's make sure and add Barnet Highway. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n-QN-_0rMI4SZDLGtNdGCuo7fBQRxshIXoHvuYdiryE/edit?usp=sharing

Any other business

Guildford MUP under consideration for a greenway

Coquitlam's STP (Strategic Transportation Plan) is under review and the City is aware of the opportunity to fill this gap. We're pretty happy about this as it's a high priority gap for our committee and one we had a small letter writing campaign about a couple of months back.

Problem along Sasamat Lake: overflow parking

Port Moody's bad solution: bollards in the middle of where bikes go Mario Bartel, reporter with Tri-City news, reported on this incident and interviewed Colleen and Leon. https://www.tricitynews.com/news/belcarra-parking-solution-creates-slalom-safety-concern-for-cyclists-1.23957585

Rick Glumac interested in active transportation corridors out to Belcarra, Sasamat Lake, etc.

Bike Valet volunteers needed for June at Highland Games in Coquitlam

Fiona: BEST are interested in being at the Highland Games in June to set up a bike valet. Friday 5-9, all day Saturday, possibly Sunday. Maybe use a tennis court? They might be looking for HUB volunteers

Colleen: Newsletter for HUB? Group ride?

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