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TriCities HUB Committee Meeting Minutes (provisional)

Date/Time: October 4, 2016, 7:00-8:50PM.

Location: Coquitlam Public Library, 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

Attendees: Jack T., Simon W., Andrew H., Fiona W., Shawn, Meredith S.

1. Committee Roles: Andrew Hartline volunteered to be the new co-chair with Jack, as Simon is stepping down. Supported unanimously. Meredith will support with note-taking. Meredith will email Ellie for access to the wiki, Google Drive, and updates to the HUB TC email list. Simon will remain as the main contact for Coquitlam city staff, Andrew for Port Moody, and Jack for Port Coquitlam.

2. Coquitlam Bike Lane Proposal: Simon shared that he had received a request for a letter of support for a bike lane that the City of Coquitlam is applying for funding for, in the Burquitlam area: “Fairview Dogwood Greenway”. Simon will draft a letter and circulate for input. We will encourage consistent signage (using the TransLink guidelines), bike-appropriate surfacing and grade through the park.

3. TransLink Phase 1 of the Mayor’s Plan: Phase 1 seems to include 4 new bike parkades for Evergreen Line stations. Details limited online. TransLink is seeking feedback from October 11-31. Open house is scheduled for Pitt Meadows on Tuesday, October 18th, from 4-8pm at the Meadow Gardens Golf Club. Other sessions scheduled for elsewhere: http://tenyearvision.translink.ca/plan/

4. Port Moody Master Transportation Plan: Discussion about where the plan is at, that it doesn’t seem to have gone to Council yet. Andrew has been engaged in the plan development through his role on the city committee. Meredith will draft a letter.

5. Bike the Work Week: Members will email HUB on their own regarding helping out at the three stations in the Tri-Cities. Meredith will draft an article to pitch to the paper.

6. Central Valley Greenway extension: Simon provided an update, noting that there may be an upcoming open house or public hearing regarding the Fraser Mills site. Coquitlam may have funding from the province. TransLink, MOTI and Coquitlam are meeting regarding this connection in the near future.

7. PoCo signage, bike racks, Lougheed Hwy: Meredith reported that the Transportation Solutions & Public Works committee met recently, and HUB’s letter was attached to a staff report. The minutes have not yet been published, but it looks like the City will be moving ahead with the signage improvements as initially proposed. The City is also investing $20,000 in bike racks this year. The committee agenda included a report regarding widening a section of the Lougheed Highway next year – we should ask about cycling improvements as part of that project.

8. Rochester bike lane: Simon rode this recently, and the bike lane appears to have been removed.

9. Rivers & Trails Festival report-back: Andrew, Leon, Jack and Simon participated by having a booth and leading a cycling tour. There were some good conversations with PoCo residents. Next year it may be more fruitful to locate in Lions Park rather than the Peace Park.

10. Bike Shorts: film fest coming up. Could we replicate this at the Port Moody inlet theatre? Andrew will inquire about cost.

11. Action plan: saved in the Google drive folder.

12. Other business: • A pitch for a National Cycling Strategy was made in parliament today. Watch for next steps. • Maybe our committee should lead an annual group ride in the Tri-Cities.

Next meeting: November 1, 2016 Minutes recorded by Meredith Seeton

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