November 2018

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In Attendance

Andrew, Scott, Leon, Jack, Simon, Geoff, Vince, Neil, Fiona

Neil M. is a HUB board member. He is here representing the HUB board to offer advice and assistance.

Agenda items

Update from Port Moody regarding Clarke Avenue

Scott, Andrew and Leon met with Mark Halpin regarding MBN plans PoMo is planning on something on Murray first, St. Johns second Some interest in a separated lane on the north side of Clarke. Nothing formal yet.

Let's appoint someone for each TriCities municipality who will keep abreast of what's happening

Coquitlam: Scott (Subcommittee chair), Simon (Member at large), Jack (Member at large) Port Moody: Andrew PoCo: Geoff

Action item: Andrew to put "Tri-Cities Update" agenda item into all meetings.

People for us to talk to in different municipalities

Committee discussed recent municipal election results and came up with the following list:

Port Moody: Amy Lubeck, Zoe Royer Coquitlam: Richard Stewart PoCo: Laura Dupont, Nancy McK, Steve Darling

Bike to Work Week recap

BTWW station at the Port Mann Bridge: Jack went, chatted with Tom Skinner Guildford and Pinetree : Jack went, got on CityTV

All Committees Group meeting: Nov. 29th, 6:30-8:30.

Anyone interested in going? Jack, Andrew, Scott. Action item: Andrew to RSVP. (/)

Update from Neil regarding HUB Board

Neil is a newly elected HUB board member ~2 months HUB has been looking at key organizational metrics: media mentions, # of educational sessions, fundraising. - Generally hitting targets. Fell short of one media mention per week but close. - Fundraising going well - ED performance review went favorably - Surpassed $1M / year in revenue - Bike Shorts happening

Idea for a meeting of Local Committees for municipalities north of the Fraser

- Tri-Cities - New West - Burnaby - Maple Ridge/ Pitt Meadows

No need for us all to go into Vancouver if there are things we want to discuss. E.g. UnGap the Map priorities

Action item: Jack to bring this issue up at the All Committees Workshop

Newbie orientation for Local Committee members

Some discussion with Neil about the need for better instruction for Local Committee members on how to be an effective advocate And orientation of what HUB is, how it works, what a Local Committee does. Action item: Scott to bring this up at the All Committee meeting

Open action items

Discussed here

Finish going over our Action Plan


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