November 2017

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== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==

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Jack, Andrew, Meredith, Leon, Geoff, Fiona

Visit from Mark Halpin

Mark went through what's coming up for Port Moody.

Separated MUP on Moody in front of Rocky Point Park -- sounds nice and will link the bridge directly with city hall/ Klahanie/ Newport/ etc via MUPs.

The city is planning on focusing on separated routes on St.Johns from Moody St. eastward to the Skytrain station in the near future, a ~$5M MUP on the south side of St. Johns from Moody westward to Snake Hill next, and then connections up Snake Hill. These connections will be useful for local traffic going to the high school and to Skytrain/ WCE.

Within around two years the city wants a bike storage facility near Moody Centre skytrain. This will be designed for security, Compass card accessed and have room for 40-60 bikes. The City's plan is to spend around $400K on this with funding from TransLink.

Sadly it looks like the separated lane on Clarke that the City was talking about last year is now deprioritized. This may (AH speculates) be because the city still wants that HOV lane to get traffic out of projected developments around the Andres site, but perhaps there are other reasons. The committee let Mark know that this route is used heavily by commuter and recreational cyclists (as per Strava heatmap data), and needs to be improved.

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