May 2018

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In attendance

Andrew, Simon, Leon, Scott, Geoff, Meredith, Jack, Fiona

Stuff from last month's meeting

  • Discussion of things to discuss with Melony:
    • Kingsway
    • Downtown Poco to Skytrain access:
      • Meredith heard something's coming for Lincoln
      • Scott figured something out that gets to Coq Central
    • How is the City planning to connect with the Sheep Paddock Trail?
    • Meredith to bring along PoCo gap list
  • Simon: PoCo has gone from spending .20 to $5 per citizen for cycling (active transportation)?
  • Temporary trail in Colony Farms
    • Simon heard back from Peter Jongebloed (sp) He has made a map of where the Waterline Trail is going to go.

Port Moody Community Fair June 23rd Andrew and Jack to go. Let's brainstorm activities

20 in 20 Challenge.

Priming the pump...

    • Simon Watkins Trail fixes at Grover and Gatensbury
    • Bailey Bridge E on United... elephant's feet / green paint line to cross the road
    • Colony Farms: grade fire road (But that's Metro Van)
    • Elephant's feet connecting Fleming to Pinetree
    • Pavement in front of Moody Central Station is really beaten up

To be continued here:

Poco Cycling Event Event put on by Poco Community Policing Thursday may 3rd 6:30 -9:00 -Hub is presenting. Everyone welcome Cancelled!!!! Maybe they'll do something in the fall. They'll let us know

Bridge to bridge update - Leon and Jack met with MOTI, will give info "Cordial meeting" with Cor(e)y ______? Paved path to connect Port Mann with Pitt River bridge near Coquitlam River Interest in destination-oriented wayfinding signs

Jack to send him an email with example signage from Spirit Trail

Report on Pottinger Bird meeting re. Dewdney Trunk development from Andrew

Hub is looking for an updated action plan (might not be much time to discuss) Action item: Meredith to look into reviewing the action plan Action item: Andrew to go over the action plan plus last month's minutes every month. Action item: Andrew to hunt down the HUB membership list Action item: Andrew to consolidate the lists

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