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TriCities HUB Committee Meeting Minutes

Date/time: Tuesday Mar 3, 2015, 7:00-8:50PM.

Location: Coquitlam Public Library, 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam


George S, Fiona W, Jack Trumley (co-chair),Simon Watkins (co-chair), Don Buchanan (Mayors Council), Leon L, Alex Clarkson (HUB), Barb F, Andrew H, Sean R, Helen Cook (Mayors Council), Colleen M, Claude T, David D.


1. Presentation from Mayors Council regarding the transit referendum. This will be the primary item. Don Buchanan of the Mayors Council and Helen Cook of TransLink spoke to the group about the Mayors council plan for cycling infrastructure and the referendum in general. Don explained the origins of the plan; eligibility to vote; registration at plebesite offices. The total funding for cycling is about $131 million over 10 years – an average of $13 million per year for cycling infrastructure which is not a part of development under other plans. Money will go to municipalities under cost-sharing arrangement. A typical cost-sharing arrangement might be 50% funding MC plan, and 25% each from municipality and the province. MRNB funded by population and population growth and allocated by TransLink.

Helen explained the role of TransLink. Currently programs are allocated to projects on a merit basis. Mayors Council is responsible for the long-range plan, not project decision making. Therefore, program is still run through TransLink. Current program requires participation by municipalities in funding projects. However, with $131 million, the funds available have increased 10-fold. Therefore program administration may need to change.

There was a lot of candid discussion on how the strategy for supporting the ‘YES’ campaign. Bulk of money collected goes towards major projects Surrey LRT, Pattullo Bridge and the Broadway Subway.

Messaging to support the campaign: For most people, cycling does not resonate. Need to message to the general public. Defending TransLink only increases ‘no’ sentiment and decreases ‘yes’.

Round –table to discuss options.

2. Information updates:

-Updates on activities regarding Port Mann Bridge and related infrastructure.

-Update regarding cycling gaps project.

-Discussed a presentation to Coquitlam City Council on the United Blvd Central Valley Greenway connection. Defer details to next meeting

3. AOB

Leon talked about need for representation from HUB for presentation to Port Moody Council regarding Clark St. to Barnet Hwy access with planned swith-back track.

Next meeting:Tuesday April 7, Coquitlam City Center Library 7PM.

Minutes taken by David D.

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