June 2019

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In Attendance

Jack, Scott, Kathryn, Dragana, Sandy Ang, Nikki, Peter Jongbloed

Presentation from Coquitlam engineering staff

Canisius Chan, Mark Dylag and Aaron Dixon were kind enough to visit our group.

File:Canisius Chan Presentation slides.pdf

Committee saw lots of nice small projects but noted that there is no specific plan for United and the Riverview Greenway, our top priorities.

Bike the Night in Coquitlam

Sandy Ang has a great idea: Bike the Night in the Tri-Cities. Perhaps from Coq town center to Rocky Point Park, using the SkyTrain for access. This is a huge idea and too big to do right away. But we really like it. Committee recommends:

  • Present to Councils
  • Get cities, HUB staff + Translink involved

United Blvd update

United Blvd has been identified by MOTI in an internal report as an important connection. This tiny movement keeps us all going! Committee made it clear to Canisius Chan how important this issue is to regional transportation.

Guildford Greenway update

On Canisius' Chan's radar! He noted that this greenway is easier the farther west you are. Towards Coquitlam Center implementation is complicated by more property owners/ etc.

Port Moody community fair

Jack, Dragana, Andrew, Scott. Action item: Andrew to get map from Neal and see about lamination

Dragana's app

Dragana R. created a prototype iPhone app to gather data for 20 in 20. It's great, much better than entering data into the spreadsheet. This could be used to gather 20 in 20 regionally. Andrew to email Andrew Picard's contact info to Dragana

Gatensbury Road

Fixed! Andrew and Jack represented the committee at the grand opening of this really nice piece of infrastructure. It's as AAA as a 13% monster climb can possibly get, and Port Moody deserves commendation for that.

June is Bike Month in PoCo

Kathleen visited the mayor and received their proclamation. Thanks Kathleen!

State of Cycling project

Andrew to email committee with Andrew P's directive

Shoreline Trail upgrades

Upgrades to Rocky Point Park's Rollerblader Killer trail are in progress! In the meantime the new bikeway along Murray Street is complete and will pick up the slack nicely.

BTWW recap

Good numbers all over. Nikki and Dragana went all out volunteering; thank you!

New chair

Kathryn Berry-Einarson is now our Port Coquitlam co-chair! Welcome Kathryn!

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