July 2018

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In attendance

Andrew, Jack, Simon, Scott, Nikki, Helen

Let's try to set up a meeting with Laura Dupont

Andrew to set up a doodle poll, email everyone at the meeting plus Laura

Translink Major Bikeway Network

Interest from the committee. Lots of nice ideas, lots of questions too. There isn't a lot of detail at the moment.

Clarke is going to be a challenge up in Burquitlam. Port Moody: where's the east west connection? St Johns? United connection doesn't seem to be happening. How are they going to get an AAA route through the Lougheed?

Action item: Andrew to email PoMo, Jack to email Coquitlam and PoCo "Re: Have you seen this?"

Andrew to email Jeff L. "How do we find out about/ negotiate the details?"

Items discussed at the All Committee Workshop

Scott and Jack went, last Thursday Burnaby, Surrey, NS, Pitt Meadows, Vancouver ... lots of LC's visiting.

Committees broke into groups, discussed smaller topics Scott isn't sure what the scope of LC's is. What are we here for? what is our scope relative to the mothership? Does the mothership provide any resources for newbie bike advocates? Is there a course? A reading list? Scott: Jeff L. gave a good talk on NATCO. There's some talk of a one day NATCO course. Jack mentioned someone saying "Don't tell the engineers what to do; tell them what the problem is". Wise words! Discussed improving website, improving communications

PM community fair recap

Andrew, Jack and Scott went. Gave out hundreds of maps, met lots of people who would ride a lot if routes were better.

PoCo/ Coquitlam assessment ride recap

Andrew and Scott went and Strava'd the route. Lots of details to send letters about. Action item: Andrew and Scott to co-ordinate emails.

Meeting with Richard Stewart

Scott would like to talk to him. Can we get him out for a ride? Can we go for coffee?

Simon: maybe someone on council would be better to reach out to. Chris Wilson? Maybe a Transportation bureaucrat? Ken Krueger?

Simon: Ultimately it's up to real estate developers.

Scott to represent HUB committee at PoCo Community Policing meeting, 7:30 pm in PoCo at the Gathering Place

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