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TriCities HUB Committee Meeting Minutes

Date/time: Tuesday Jan. 6, 2015, 7:00-8:50PM.

Location: Coquitlam Public Library, 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

In Attendance: Lynn P (HUB), Colin S (HUB),Jack T, George S., Simon W, Collin S, Claude T, Leon L, David D, Vince H, Fred C, Barb C,Chris W, Allen L, plus one more


1. Colin from HUB main office kindly circulated an invitation to our meeting to a wide mailing list of TriCities HUB members and others. As aresult, our meeting attendance was greatly boosted. Thanks Collin!

2. Matters arising from recent assessment visit of Port Mann infrastructure. Discussed new bike facilities. New lanes are coming on steadily. Need to continue documenting them for possible shortcomings. So far what weare seeing looks like a big improvement. Peter J from from Pitt Meadows committee has approached MOTI about keeping a temporary gravel service road near the corner of Mary Hill and United. This would make a nice AAA connection to the PoCo trail. MOTI has expressed support for the idea.

Action: Get detailed contact info from Peter

Action:Contact Coquitlam regarding reactivating the gravel path between Maquabeak Park and Coquitlam River.

Action:need second assessment ride of area.

3. Council presentations:we should start doing them. Noted that oral presentation more effective than emails/position papers.

Action item:can we get on Coquitlam transport committee (already on PoMo and PoCocommittees)

4. Advertising to local papers: need to consider writing regular pieces on cycling for local papers.

5. Updates from Colin S from HUB main office:

Action items for Colin:

-Colin to check with Erin on what cycling info has been added to ICBC training and testing materials Get permission to indicate this and add to the website

-Check with South Delta ICBC contact about Tri-Cities counterpart

-Colin to compile and send road safety / cycling tips to committee for customizing for Tri-Cities media/PR outreach.

-Existing marketing info + portions of in-class Ride the Road curriculum content to be repurposed

-Colin to send info on gap prioritization "best practices", compiled by Jeff Leigh of Van/UBC committee

-Lynn P also going to connect Jack/Simon to Jeff

-Colin already suggested to RAC (Alex C. and Arno) that they connect with Jack & Simon - for Tri-Cities Action Plan content

6. Leon L from Trails BC. Update on attempts to route MUP along Guildford (off-road).

Next meeting: Feb. 4, 2015, Coquitlam Library,Town Center branch, 7-8:45PM

Notes taken by Simon Watkins TriCities HUB Committee. Apologies for errors or omissions

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