HUB Tri-Cities Open Action Items

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  • Scott to start thinking about a route for Tri-Cities HUB ride
  • Jack to look into a meeting with Translink re. United Blvd. MBN (In progress)
  • Jack to look into who Ken Krueger's replacement. Can they make it to our meeting?
  • Jack to bring up North-of-the-Fraser Local Committees meeting at the All Committees Workshop
  • Andrew to email Coquitlam and PoCo re. MBN (Ongoing, he's busy)
  • Scott to email PoCo re. MBN (Ongoing, he's busy)
  • Fiona to ask RAC to do more to solicit attendance at their meeting
  • July meeting to be held outdoors
  • Simon and Jack to set up coffee meeting with Laura Dupont (In progress)
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