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Meeting minutes December 2019

In attendance

Leon, Colleen, Scott, Scott, Vince, Fiona, Dragana, Jack, Andrew

January meeting

It's happening!

Email list

Andrew to get Colleen and Kathleen onto the email list of committee chairs

Moody Center TOD

Scott to go: next Monday night (December 9th)

Recap of tour of Vancouver infrastructure with Port Moody engineering

Kim Law, Mark Halpin, Stephen Judd, Vinh Chung

Scott, Andrew, Dragana and Nikki came.

Great morning of cycling and bike advocacy! Huge success.

Coquitlam Area Plan meetings

Leon went and shared his ideas with staff. Committee is concerned with flow and usability of all routes created. Clarity is important. Where should cyclists ride? What routes can I take to get to the West Coast Express quickly and simply? Andrew to send out a link to their survey if it's not too late...

United Blvd update

Jack interested in doing a coffee meeting during the day with Canisius Chan sometime this month. Leon is interested in going. So are Scott and Vince. Scott's interested in what the city's role in Coquitlam Area Plan is. Are they responsible for the design?

All Committee Meeting, Xmas party

None of the committee is able to make it.

Meeting and year-end reflection

Scott: Can we get pizza? Colleen is happy with how 2019 has gone Scott: It's also good for us to have roles and consistency. Scott II says thanks Vince says: He's on a board of directors for a professional organization He suggested getting more people to report out on various issues/ delegating tasks.

Fiona: We should connect cycling with economic development. On the North Shore they found that employees are commuting from all around across the bridges to get there.

BIA's might be interested in cycling infrastructure too! Is there a PoMo BIA? Can we talk to any of these people?

Dragana enjoyed the assessment rides and suggested that we do more in 2020, and would like to do more tech stuff.

Jack wants to make sure everyone contributes/ feels free to contribute at our meetings.

Leon is interested in associating greenways with regional connection and tourism, in order for people to feel comfortable to experience the area. He sees this concern as separate from pure transportation cycling and worth considering too. Scott loved the bike valet at Port Moody Ribfest

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