Coquitlam Center to Port Mann Bridge (and back)

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Coquitlam center to PM Bridge (draft)

1. From West Coast Express Station follow shoulder along Lougheed.

2. Either: At Orchid turn right and go into Riverview. Follow bus route signs until you emerge at Colony farm road and Lougheed.

Or: You can stay on Lougheed. Just past Pitt River road there is a service road entrance on the right into Riverview. Again, you will emerge at Colony Farm road and Lougheed. This is more direct with no hills, but the shoulder is a bit narrow. The first route is very peaceful but has a little hill.

3. From Colony farms follow the shoulder along Lougheed (not an official bike lane until just after United blvd)

4. Either: take United blvd ramp on right and turn left onto United Blvd. This is very sketchy. The shoulder is extremely narrow, there are exposed drainage grates, and you have to cross an on-ramp from Lougheed highway. But it is very direct.

Or: (much safer but longer). Continue on the Lougheed bike lane until Woolridge. Cross at Woolridge, do a U-turn back to Lougheed eastbound. Follow the bike lane up an obvious ramp on the right which eventually drops you at Leeder Avenue and United Blvd. From there, follow a very nice off road bike path to the corner of Maryhill and United. This is the entrance to the bridge.

PM Bridge to Coquitlam center (draft)

Arriving at the bottom of the off-ramp from the bridge (United and Maryhill)

1. Turn left on bike path when you reach United. Pass under the overpass and Cross United at the first available crosswalk and travel north on the shoulder of United Blvd.

2. Take the exit ramp on the right to Lougheed highway. Beware, the shoulder is very narrow just before the ramp, and often has debris on it.

3. Turn left at Colony Farm road and re-enter Riverview.

4. The only really viable route from here is to continue on until Orchid and then rejoin Lougheed highway. Ride on a multi use path on the east side of Lougheed (northbound) until Chilko. Then cross over and ride the shoulder on the east side of Lougheed towards the mall.

Another riskier option is to thread your way through to Pitt River Road but you will have to get off your bike momentarily to go around a large metal gate. From this point, cross Lougheed at a pedestrian activated light and cycle on the shoulder. It is a bit narrow initially but soon widens out.

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