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Hello Local Committees,

As I'm sure you know, part of the UnGapTheMap campaign includes action for Cycle Highways- long distance (5-20+ kilometres), paved and lit paths that are separated from pedestrians and motor vehicles and reserved for people cycling.

Given the forthcoming provincial election, we have scheduled a few meetings with MLAs and hope to discuss cycle highways among other things. A cycle highway petition/ letter to key decision-makers will also be made public soon.

Are there specific locations in your municipality that are appropriate- ie. physically possible and economically/ politically feasible- for cycle highways?

Here are a few that we've identified so far:

   Lower Lynn Interchanges (North Shore)
   Portside Greenway, Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, Mountain Highway Interchange (North Shore)
   North Shore Spirit Trail
   Massey Bridge and Highway 99 (Delta / Richmond)
   Parallel to Lougheed Highway Coquitlam to Maple Ridge (Tri Cities / MR)
   Ironworkers to Memorial Bridge and Highway 1 (North Shore / Vancouver)
   BC Parkway (Burnaby / Surrey/ Tri Cities)

If your committee is interested in further action, please let me know which member(s) would like to participate in a HUB Cycling- Cycle Highway Working Group. From there, we would discuss how best to create substantiated cases for specific cycle highway routes in our communities, including a tailored Cycle Highway Petition to be delivered to relevant decision-makers in the coming future.


Andrew Picard UnGapTheMap Campaign Coordinator HUB Cycling Website | Phone 604.558.2002

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