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Most riders will start by taking routes with which they are already familiar by car. Over time they start learning about short cuts and more efficient routes. This page is dedicated to sharing the knowledge from experience from other North Shore riders to help you find the best route for you.



Lions Gate Bridge to Lonsdale & 27th

Quick Map

I've experimented with many routes to make this journey and have finally found what I consider to be the best route. It uses several non-car paths to gain advantage and has a steady but decent grade. Details are on a separate page


DNV: Phillip Ave Tunnel

Quick Map

There's a tunnel under the Upper Levels Highway at the top of Phillip that is an easy way to get from Pemberton Heights to Capilano Highlands and vice versa. Beware of the speed checks midway through the tunnel!

Google Map

DNV: Keith Rd to 23rd St (near Capilano)

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A very convenient trail connecting W Keith Rd near the Capilano Rd Hwy 1 ramps to W 23rd St in Pemberton Heights. For riders needing to continue east after coming off the freeway this is perfect. Also makes up a key part of the Lions Gate Bridge to Lonsdale & 27th route.

Google Map

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