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*DNV Liaison team - <span style="color:#0000FF">OPEN (Need at least 2)</span>  
*DNV Liaison team - <span style="color:#0000FF">OPEN (Need at least 2)</span>  
**DNV Council Monitor - vacant
**DNV Council Monitor - vacant
*DWV Liaison team - Paul & Peter S. - potential to recruit additional members from cycling clubs
*DWV Liaison team - Paul & Peter S.
**DWV Council Monitor - vacant
**DWV Council Monitor - vacant
*MoTI Liaison team - Antje, Don,
*MoTI Liaison team - Antje, Don,

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HUB North Shore Committee


  • Chair - Don
  • Vice Chair - OPEN
  • CNV Liaison team - Erika & Heather
    • CNV Council Monitor - vacant
  • DNV Liaison team - OPEN (Need at least 2)
    • DNV Council Monitor - vacant
  • DWV Liaison team - Paul & Peter S.
    • DWV Council Monitor - vacant
  • MoTI Liaison team - Antje, Don,
  • Translink Liaison team - Fred
  • BCFerries Liaison - Peter S. (with HUB & BCCC reps)
  • Events Coordinators - Fred
  • Communications Team - Heather, Antje & Martyn
  • Developer Liaison - Fred
  • Schools Liaison - Tammy & Martyn
  • Membership coordinator- OPEN



  • Small team of people who coordinate work with an organization (government or external group)
  • Meets with the organization's staff regularly (every few months) to discuss issues and upcoming projects
  • Maintains a list of open cycling-related items/issues
  • Reviews and provides comments on designs provided by the organization
  • Notifies Committee of upcoming Public input opportunities

Council Monitor

  • Reviews council meeting and workshop agendas prior to meetings and alerts Liaisons/committee of any cycling-related items
  • Reviews council minutes and public input after meeting and reports on any cycling-related items

Communications Team

  • Coordinates our messaging to our supporters/followers on all media
  • Distribute HUB communications via social and other media
  • Works with the current spokesperson usually the chair, to formulate responses to media requests
  • Identifies and implements new ways to communicate with all stakeholders

Events Coordinators

  • Identifies community events appropriate for HUB participation
  • Registers HUB to attend community events
  • Organizes the booth set up and take down
  • Organizes booth volunteers
  • Obtains giveaways and food

Membership Coordinators

  • Increase membership in HUB North Shore
  • Identify ways to increase membership
  • Welcome new members
  • Provide new members with information about HUB
  • Organize membership campaigns with the Communications Team
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