Meeting Summary: September 9, 2016

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  • Attendance: Peter, Tony (chair), Rob C, Fiona, Anjte, Dianne
  • Review of past and planning for upcoming events
    • Movies in the plaza on 19 August - people didn't show until 8 pm after we had been there for 3 hrs.
    • FraserFest - only 3 people joined the group ride which Fiona led to Ambleside and back to Fisherman's wharf.
    • Coho Festival at Ambleside Park in West Van on 11 September - Dianne will bring tent and supplies - Peter and Fiona will join Dianne as volunteers.
    • North Shore Art Crawl Rides (Antje 10 min)
    • BTWW October 2016 - where, when, who


  • CNV Update (10 min)
    • Spirit Trail tunnel- engineering plans are underway.
    • East Keith and Grand Boulevard - work underway
    • Delegation to Council on AAA bike lanes - planned for October 3.
  • DNV Update (10 min)
    • DNV Public Library bike racks- Tony met with Andrea Freeman of NVPL and the goal is to have a bike repair station with HUB support / TransLink bike rack guidelines. Goal is to secure funding and support them to build a community HUB at NVPL
    • Lynn Valley Road bike lanes - construction to start October
    • Highland Blvd repaving
    • M.Bond motion for a protected/connected DNV bike network. The public agenda available on Thursday the 8th and the motion is scheduled to come before council on Monday Sept 12th.
  • DWV Update
    • Update on 25 July council meeting which will discuss the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan which could impact the proposed route on Royal Avenue
    • 15 Street – Mathers Avenue to Queens Avenue;
    • 21 Street – Queens Avenue to Westhill Drive - request to MoTI?
    • Skilift Road – Westhill Drive to Folkestone Way.
    • Wardance Bridge
    • Marine Drive 25th-31st where cyclist was killed
    • 1000 block Keith Road incomplete
  • MOTI Update (Antje)
    • Lower Lynn Interchanges - our priorities for Lillooet and Dollarton Interchanges
  • HUB
    • HUB AGM September 17, 2016
    • Committee update topics
    • Free Advocacy for non-profits workshop run by Erin O'Mellin Monday 12th September as part of Pro Walk, Pro Bike, Pro Place
    • Bike the Night Friday, September 16th - seeking Volunteers
    • Vision0 30km/hr

Notes 9 September

movies on the plaza on the 19th people didnt show until 8 pm after 3 hrs

Fraser fest- only 3 people Fional led a 25 km ride rained near the end to ambleside and back to Fisherman's wharf

BTWW 24-29 October lets get north end of IWMB

NS art crawl – Antje made contact and likes idea of guided bike rides to art galleries next March

CNV update Grand boulevard paved on east side 1.5 m wide for one way travel discussiona about two travel on east side of IWMB underpass needed on the north end to connect bike route on Barrow St.– we should write a HUB letter overpass studies for south end Antje to talk to jay porter about interchanges Delegation Tony will be abset so will talk to heather 23rd st paved but no bike lnes east from Westview DNV -not interested in public library lynn valley going ahead – Dragana said Moti section being under west side of underpassdesigned – multiuse panned but notheing on the east side -is a plan for it but won't be done now should follow-up again with DNV on a workshop higland Blvd paving on that watermain finished – we setn a letter and they plan consultation but no paving until 2017 matthew Bond hwill make a motion that all future bike lanes in DNV should be separated on the 12t we whould get out some peole f to suport him

Blueshore funding for bike map

17th HUB AGM will be a rdie at 1030 am update- Lyn Creek Town centre Lions Gat village Maplewod town centres KlLyn Valley town centre Edgemeont Spirit Trail multi-purpose path on Bewick prspect road to edgemeont on Cap Rd to be an uphill bike lan bike night tony will be there on Arbutus corridor vision 0 30 km/hr endorse by CNV for all residental roads CNV motion endorsed it and staf is supposed to report back to Council

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