Meeting Summary: September 6, 2012

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   Welcome new members and guests; Dianne, Peter, Antje, Nelson Lacharity
   Additional agenda items 

Education & Outreach

   NS bike map distribution status (Antje)almost all gone a few hundred left city of Nv has two boxes north shore toursm has some and will contibute to printing cost - want mountain bike trails - bicycle sports pacific wants more so does Vancouver Library
   HUB news (Fiona, Heather)
   Cycling safety petition to North Van District Council (Antje)
  • pedestrian safety an issue as well
  • 800 signed so far mostly from NV
  • present to DNV council on 10 Sep? with man who was hit
   HUB delegation to North Van District council meeting
  • Nelson will try to get a date and jay or somebody else will give the presentation
  • a general introd to HUB-Ns focussing on improving cycling infrastructure


   Park Royal update (Peter)
   West Van implementation plan update (Peter)
   East Keith Road update (Antje)
   Low Level Road update (Heather)
   Iron Workers Memorial Bridge update (Fiona)
   HUB letter of support for 3rd & Forbes improvements (Jay/Antje) 

Other Business

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