Meeting Summary: September 5, 2013

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Fiona, Nelson, Dianne, Trent, Erin, Mary Ellen, Bill, Bob, Helen, Yok Leng, Kathy, Paul
  2. Review of agenda, additional agenda items
  3. Monthly meeting location & time in 2014
  4. Roll and Stroll Bike/Walk Festival Edgmont Village October 5 (Mary Ellen, Erin, by email)
    • We will be participating in this event on Saturday Oct 5th. The event runs 10-2pm.
    • It is a family event with 1000-1500 people expected. HUB will be getting some sort of stamp as participants will have an event passport.
    • We will need some volunteers for the booth. Erin and most likely Mary Ellen will be volunteering, but they'd like a few more people. We can discuss shifts if people can't do the whole shift.
    • Send an email to Co-Event Coordinators Mary Ellen and Erin if you can help out on Oct 5th.
  5. Create "low hanging fruit" list for North Shore municipalities (Antje)
    • Inexpensive improvements such as paint, signage, curb drops
  6. Develop report card for North Shore municipalities (Antje)
  7. Keith Road, West Vancouver, upgrade (Peter)
  8. Low Level Road cycling closure (Heather or Antje)
  9. Meeting with North Van-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite in July (Nelson, Antje)

Norm Wong

  1. DWV working with travelsmart to encourge walking tranist and cycling

fair at community centre 26 sep and sat 28 HUB NS

  1. keith road evelyn project to just east of 11th 4.3 lanes with sharrows will continue west to 11th

clyde-keith traffic calming project - open house on 6 June next open house on 10 Oct

  1. no speed bumps since 1988

bike implementation plan to be completed by 1 Oct

  1. connection two bridges over cap river
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