Meeting Summary: October 8, 2015

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  1. Introduction and Attendance: Kathleen Huber (Community Events Office, North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission), Fiona, Greg, Martyn, Antje, Heather Giocman, tony, Peter
  2. Minutes Review
    • Peter briefly reviewed the notes from the last meeting and there was no suggested changes.
  3. Cycling Expo on October 18, 2015 Lynn Valley Village
    • The event is scheduled to run from 1:00-4:00pm and the goal is to highlight biking to the Lynn Valley Community, biking safety, and recreation/leisure options for Lynn Valley residents.
    • Current exhibitors include: North Shore Mountain Bike Association, MEC, North Shore Safety Council (bike rodeo and Elmer program), Restoration Health, and Lynn Valley Bikes.
    • We can bring our community engagement material and will look into the possibility of bringing the portable bus rack.
    • Kathleen is looking to some bikes for kids and it was suggested Our Community Bikes (2429 Main St, Vancouver)or Obsession Bikes in North Van might be a source.

  1. BTWW Organization (Tony)
  2. Delegation presentation for District of North Van council meeting Oct 26 - dry run (Tony, Antje)
  3. AAA workshop plans for City and District of North Van (Tony)
  4. Municipality Engagement Strategies (CNV, DNV, DWV - Rides & Keith Road?)
    • CNV Update (Tony) [East Keith Road]
    • DNV Plans (Antje)
    • DWV Plans (Peter)
  5. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge remaining improvements, signage and thank-you letter - (Antje 5 min)
  6. Update group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail (Peter 10 min)
  7. Other business
  8. Next meeting is planned for November 12

8 Oct

1. BTWW 27 Octoberalso VPG rralty on 29 Oct 2. a8 Oct Lynn Valley bike rodeo health clinci MEC will be there Chris rutlege HUB -NS role wants balance bikes we can bring our community engagemnet materail Our community bikes mightbe interested 4. Delegation on 26 Oct to DNV Antje went through slides she will present with tony need slides to DNV by nxt Friday 16 Oct 5 minutes get brent richteer from NS news focuss on IWMB acess and Lynn Ceek village

AA workshop form a common vision - three types of AAA goal to work together on planning first wednesday of Decemberwith ITC mtg 1800 on 2 Decembershold in future do it at DNV


Tony met with mayor and Doug Pope eKeith Rd AAA city focus is on green necklace and spirit trail chesterfield now onder way keith up protect keith down to 4th just unprotected bike lanes open house on 20 Oct re green Necklace at East Keith Road & Grand boulevard Ridgeway elementary school lets look at their plan and then comment impotant to improve safety on Keith Road Tony will go door to door next weekto encourage local resident to go to the meet will be a follow-up open house DNV Tranportation Consultation committe with Antje and Martynon

good to get councill on a group ride

IWMB impovements plan to fences along Dollarton simialt to ones in the causeway what about advnces flahsers

list of events from Don

letter repose to Dennis about bike lanes on Cap Road in Spring 2016 raks bike lane between cars and siewl get Dennis to write add Canada bike day

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