Meeting Summary: October 13, 2016

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  • Introductions: Peter S (chair), Peter, Fred, Fiona, Dianne, Giacomo, Nelson, Erika, Antje, Don, Heather D
  • Events Planning - Review of past and planning for upcoming events
    • Coho Festival - good weather, lots of traffic to our tent including WV by-election candidate Andy Krwazyck, 529 was in a nearby booth with West Van Police taking registrations.
    • BTWW Fall Thursday, Oct 27th ,4-6pm at North end of IWMB where we were in the spring.
      • 3 or 4 Tents (Don & Dianne to see if we can fit 4, back further from sidewalk.
      • Obsession Bikes will provide a mechanic - Dianne
      • Refreshments - Cobb's Bread? – Antje to arrange, Energy drink – same as spring? – Dianne to arrange as well as coffee
      • 529 Registration – Dianne will check and if they can attend, Don will check with RCMP.
      • Booth staff – Erika, Giacomo, Dianne, Don, (others to contact Dianne)
      • Draw – bike tuneup from Obsessions - Dianne
      • Permit – MOTI – HUB HQ/Dianne
      • Other BTWW stations:
        • DWV sponsor HUB HQ running it at the NE end of the Lions Gate Bridge, Wednesday, October 26, 4:00 - 6:00 pm.
        • CNV - 1st and Mackay, Thursday, October 27, 6:30am - 9:00am
        • DNV - 2nd narrow in morning?
        • Others? Coastal health?
  • HUB
    • Vision0 30km/hr - protecting cyclists & pedestrians on residential streets.
    • MP Gord Johns Canadian Cycling Strategy - bill has been introduced but won't be debated for some time - we individually should ask our MPs to support it.
    • HUB-NS HUB membership update - Peter has the latest list and will distribute total number of members.
    • Volunteers for public art cycling footage along the Spirit Trail - Heather will coordinate.


  • DNV Update
    • Maplewood TC workshop, Tue 18th - Nelson, Antje, Giacomo have been invited.
    • Council passed resolution for a Protected Bike Network (thanks to Mathew Bond).
    • We will provide our “ungap the map” evaluation as input for criterion but phrase it more to towards the Bike Network Master Plan - Antje
    • Fred, Nelson, Heather will provide input.
    • Tony will present a HUB 2016 Update to council - Nov 21, 7pm – 5 minutes only!
    • Capilano Road: Uphill bike lane is between parked cars and traffic. Would have preferred bike lane on the outside. No parking on downhill side. Both directions are unprotected.
  • CNV
    • Northern section of Green necklace planned along 21st St. then 19th to Grand Boulevard – Heather to draft letter proposing separated bike route avoiding the MUP through the hills in park.
    • West Keith design – several attended workshop earlier in the evening - protected bike-lanes and MUP uphill, sharrows downhill - problem with cyclists riding down MUP.
    • We can provide more input after hearing from Adolfo from CNV who will be at our November meeting to discuss.
    • Poster boards and input comments at:
    • HUB-NS 2016 update to council in December - ten minutes – Heather and Tony will present.
  • DWV Update
    • Park Royal Cycling Issues
      • Peter designated as HUB-NS contact person for Park Royal cycling Issues.
      • in response to an offer from Rick Amantea, Peter will provide guidance on wayfinding signage at west exit from the War Dance Bridge.
      • Park Roya have repainted sharrows in green boxes on the bridge on the side of lanes instead of the middle - suggest painting a few more in the middle of the eastbound lane.
      • We should also suggest a separate crossing for cyclists at the east exit from the bridge beside the existing crosswalk.
      • Peter to prepare a HUB letter suggesting two options for separating cyclists from traffic crossing the Capilano River to connect the Spirit Trail on either side.
    • Marine Drive Context Study open house - Peter attended and talked with DWV Roads Manager, Vanessa Garrett on Wednesday October 12 - needs more cycling infrastructure including separated bike lanes.
      • Antje will draft an official HUB letter.
    • At the 25 July council meeting, the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan was approved but the proposed two-way separated bike lane down the steep part of Royal Avenue was south of the planned area.
      • Peter to consult with Heather J with regard to cycle access to Horseshoe Bay.
    • 1100 block Keith Road westbound bike lane is still incomplete so Peter will write to Vanessa Garrett.
    • 15th Street Mathers to Queens - District is working on adding a separated bike-lane uphill after public consultation.
    • DWV is looking to placing pavement dividing markers on Marine Drive west of the West van Yacht club but we should instead suggest green boxes with bicycle/sharrow stencils.

529 Registration – Dianne will check and if they can't attend, Don will check with RCMP. (should be can) Booth staff – Erika, Giacomo, Dianne, Don, (others to contact Dianne) Draw – bike bag - Dianne (should be bike tuneup from Obsessions)

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