Meeting Summary: May 12, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Giacomo, Heather, Peter S, Alex Boston (guest), Paul, Fred, James Carter, Don P. Tony (Chair), Fiona, Brian
  2. Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed
    • (5 min)
  3. Additions to Agenda (2 min)
  4. Review and planning for upcoming events
    • Gleneagles Bikefest Saturday, May 28 10am-1pm at the Gleneagles Community Centre
      • Paul and Peter met with organizers who are going to provide two tables to go with our HUB tent.
      • Paul has offered to lead a ride from the community centre.
      • Paul will be there with Anne, Dianne and a couple from the West Van Seniors cycling groups.
      • Peter will try to arrange to bring a TransLink demo bus bike rack.
    • MEC Bikefest Saturday, May 28 11 am - 5 pm
      • Cathy from HUB membership coming
      • Nelson, Fred, Giacomo, and Don plan to be there all day
    • Canada Bike Day Monday, May 30 4 - 6 p.m. at North Van Civic Square
      • Tom walker will run a bike rodeo
      • local politicians will be invited
      • 5 km and 10 km group rides are planned
    • Bike to Work Week (5 min Dianne)
    • HUB presence @ Additional Events: West Van Community Day (4 June), North Van Canada Day (1 July) and Lynn Valley Days (18 June) - Caribbean Days (10 min)
  5. Infrastructure Ride (Martyn and Tony 5 min)
  6. Municipalities
    • CNV Update (5 min Heather)
      • Delegation in October 2016
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard
    • DNV Update (5 min Tony / Antje)
      • Council workshop on AAA bike network / Kay Teschke
      • MLA Meetings
    • DWV Update (20 min Peter)
      • Separating pedestrians from cyclists on the planned extension of Spirit Trail through Ambleside
      • Status of Keith Road Safety Improvements
      • Meeting with John Calimente on May 4
      • HUB-NS input to planning Cypress Village


  1. Tactical Contact List (Tony)
    • All bike shops
    • NSMBA, other bike groups
    • Differently abled
  1. Bike Theft Support Letter

Notes 12 May 16 Giacomo, Heather, Peter S, Alex Boston (guest) Paul, Fred, James Carter, Don P. Tony (Chair), Fiona, Brian

minutes - workshop next monday a. Gleneagles paul briefed more NS bike maps coming perhaps from VNV but now Tranlnik has the rights t b. MEC cathey form HUB memvbership coming Nelson Fred Jac don ther all day 11-5 pm Cnada bike day BTWW Dianne Obsession bikes orgnic energy dringkd maybey 529 iron worker -Jack and other Don will get volunteers for other events c Parades alex need to advace messaging need and use of infrastucture brainstorm on message such as less cars on the cut distibute a one pager james putting together a policy paper on why cycling is important discussion about policy get electic bikes get sticker with a message congestion managment or health me to register d. canad bike day distribute poster obsession bikes 500 grant from Canada Bikes wilkenson's off ic wil come sign waiver needs 8 people invitiation sent RCMP may come need tent Don will bring it taslk will be posted me to contact john weston

CNV 1.6 separted uphill lane protected up hill to jones buffered after we should respond heather north side can evolve beyond shared lanes w will reclaim setbacks curb bulb-outs grand boublevar east Keith up east down west for bike llanes green paint and sep multi-use palth going east only 3m wide Spirit Trail bridge and tunnels under boat acess then a bridge $5 million Alex would like copies of HU correspondence to ITC

DNV kay teske workshop last Monday 9 may what types of infrastruct to build to attrack more cycvlists shoild get her for West Van interchanges 7 page letter into a presetation to John Wilkenson suggest meeting with DNV and MLA mayor was listening and recognizes 2nd narrows bottleneck set up meeting with MlS

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