Meeting Summary: May 12, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Giacomo, Heather, Peter S, Alex Boston (guest), Paul, Fred, James Carter, Don P. Tony (Chair), Fiona, Brian
  2. Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed
  3. Review and planning for upcoming events
    • Gleneagles Bikefest Saturday, May 28 10am-1pm at the Gleneagles Community Centre
      • Paul and Peter met with organizers who are going to provide two tables to go with our HUB tent.
      • Paul has offered to lead a ride from the community centre.
      • Paul will be there with Anne, Dianne and a couple from the West Van Seniors cycling groups.
      • Peter will try to arrange to bring a TransLink demo bus bike rack.
    • MEC Bikefest Saturday, May 28 11 am - 5 pm
      • Cathy from HUB membership coming
      • Nelson, Fred, Giacomo, and Don plan to be there all day
    • Canada Bike Day Monday, May 30 4 - 6 p.m. at North Van Civic Square
      • Tom Walker will run a bike rodeo.
      • Local politicians will be invited as well as RCMP.
      • Obsession Bikes will be there
      • 5 km and 10 km group rides are planned.
      • Fiona arranged to get a $200 grant from Canada Bikes and used some of it to produce flyers, some of which she distributed at the meeting.
      • A City staff person will be there.
      • Fiona requested and got names from some of us to volunteer to come and help
      • Don will arrange to be there with the HUB tent.
    • Bike to Work Week
      • Our station will be at the NE exit from the Iron Workers Memorial Brideg from 4 -6 pm on 2 June.
      • Dianne a has arranged to get Obsession Bikes there and will get some refreshments donated.
      • 529 Garage, the community-based bike registration and recovery service, may also be there.
      • Don will arrange to get some volunteers and our NS-HUB tent along with associated supplies.
      • Peter has volunteered to be at the DWV sponsored BTWW stations at Lions Gate Bridge 4-6 pm on 1 June and at 14th and Argyle 4:30 - 6:30 pm on 2 June.
  4. HUB presence @ Additional Events: West Van Community Day (4 June), North Van Canada Day (1 July) and Lynn Valley Days (18 June) - Caribbean Days
      • Alex Boston, Chair of the City's Integrated Transportation Committee came to the meeting to discuss promoting cycling at upcoming community events, especially parades.
      • He suggested brainstorming on ways to advance messaging on the need for and use of cycling infrastructure.
      • It was suggested producing stickers with catchy phrase such as "less cars on the Cut" that could be handed out at community events.
      • James Carter, who is putting together a policy paper on why cycling is important, said he would help prepare the stickers.
      • Other phrases could focus on congestion management and the health benefits of cycling.
      • It was suggested that we try to get e-bike demonstations at these events but promoting a business may be problematic.
      • Peter will register HUB-North Shore for entry into the West Van Community Day parade and a place for our tent after the parade in Ambleside Park.
  5. Municipalities
    • CNV Update
      • West Keith Road plans
        • 1.6 m separated uphill lane on the south side, protected up the hill to Jones then buffered from there on is acceptable.
        • The north side can evolve beyond shared lanes when the property setbacks are reclaimed.
        • curb bulb-outs and intersections at Jones and Forbes can be hazardous for cyclists.
        • Heather suggested that we respond to the online survey with our suggestions.
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard Plans
        • Bike lanes on the pavement, up east down west.
        • green paint would be desirable at intersection crossings.
        • The multi-use path going east only 3 m wide.
      • Spirit Trail bridge and tunnels under boat access then a bridge will cost $5 million
    • DNV Update
      • May 9 Council workshop on AAA bike network / Kay Teschke was successful - we should try to arrange one for the DWV.

The mayor was listening and recognizes 2nd narrows bottleneck.

        • Discussion included what types of infrastructure to build to attract more cyclists.
      • Tony is arranging a meeting on the Mountain Highway - Hwy 1 exchange with all three MLAs.
    • DWV Update (20 min Peter)
      • Separating pedestrians from cyclists is being planned for the extension of the nSpirit Trail through Ambleside.
      • The newly paved, one-way east section of Keith Road is not safe for cyclists due to narrow width for eastbound car traffic and two-way cyclist traffic.
      • HUB-NS input to planning Cypress Village has not yet been rescheduled but we should suggest separated bike lanes to and inside the village
      • Meeting with John Calimente on May 4
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