Meeting Summary: June 9, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Guest: Melissa, Peter S (Chair), Fiona, Brian, Dianne, Nelson, Erica, Fred, Don, Antje, Giacomo, Paul and newcomers Krista (cycles to VGH) & Mike (cycles to BCIT)
  2. Summer monthly meeting break
    • It was decided to continue with regular monthly meetings on 14 July and 11 August.
  3. Review of recent events
    • Gleneagles on 28 May – not many attended, due to weather, but we obtained 1 new member.
    • MEC on 28 May – 20-40 people due to weather with 3 new memberships.
    • Bike day in Canada on 30 May – 20+ folks on 3 km and 10 km rides rides including City mayor/City and District councillors & N Van MLA. The odeo only had a couple of kids.
    • BTWW station at north end of lions Gate Bridge narrows bridge on 1 June 4-6 pm
      • Peter counted 394, 110 going to Vancouver and 61 stopped at the station.
      • DWV sponsored it but HUB ran it.
    • BTWW station at north end of 2nd narrows bridge on 2 June 4-6 pm
      • 300+ cyclists, ~130 stopped including MLA Jane Thornthwaite.
      • Obsession Bikes had a repair station.
      • No new memberships were obtained.
      • Space was crowded with room for only 2 tents unless setup could in future be further back from sidewalk.
      • More signage or balloon upstream on the bridge would help to advertise the station
    • BTWW station at 14th and Argyle in West Vancouver on 2 June 4:30-6:30 pm
      • Emily Willowbie was their as the DWW sponsor.
      • Different Bikes had a repair station.
  4. Review and planning for upcoming events:
    • Lynn Valley Days (18 June)
      • We will our tent with the following volunteers: Don 10-2, Nelson 10-1, and Fred 2-4
    • Canada Day in North Van (1 July)
      • We need some ideas for stickers e.g. 10 reasons to ride - Erika can help with sticker quotes & artwork.
      • Don volunteered to register for parade & booth.
    • It was decided to will skip Caribbean days & the Harmony Arts Festival in west Van.
    • Car Free day (13-14 Aug)
      • Don will get us registered
      • We should try to get a location near the bike rodeo & Obsession Bikes.
    • E.V. Bike to shop day is on 13 Aug.
    • It was decided to skip Caribbean days & the Harmony Arts Festival in West Van.
    • FraserFest 28-Aug
      • Melissa, Chaun ( - 604-949-0045) Events Coordinator for the Rivershed Society of BC ( briefed us on the event.
      • There will be a group ride from Vanier park over 2nd narrows to a 1st nations event at Ambleside park and then back to Vanier Park back via 1st narrows
      • They will need 6 guides/sweeps for 44km ride.
      • We suggested offering a shorter "loop" as well, counterclockwise, to Ambleside and back, perhaps using different routes through Stanley Park;
      • We also recommended pre-registration for the group ride(s).
      • Melissa said that she would be most grateful to keep the information and brainstorming flowing to facilitate a potential partnership with us.
  5. Municipalities
    • CNV Update
      • Spirit Trail tunnel
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard
    • DNV & MOTI Update (10 min Antje, Giacomo)
      • Lower Lynn Interchanges
      • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge directional signage
      • DNV parking policy
      • Public bike repair station near Phibbs Exchange
    • DWV Update (15 min Peter)
      • Spirit Trail Ambleside Extension up for approval at Council on 13 June
      • HUB letter on uphill bike lanes on 15th and 21st Streets
      • Delegation to Council on AAA bike lanes

A. new: Christie (cycles to VGH) & Mike (cycles to BCIT) B. Peter, C. Summer break – will have July & Aug meetings. D. Recent events: D.I. Gleneagles – not many attended, due to weather, 1 new member. D.II. MEC – 20-40 people due to weather, 3 new memberships. D.III. Bike day in Canada – 20+ folks on rides including City/District councillors & N Van MLA. Rodeo only had a couple of kids. D.IV. B2WW 2nd narrows – 300+ cyclists, ~130 stopped, no new memberships. D.IV.a) Jane Hartwick – Seymour MLA stopped by. D.IV.b) Crowded => only 2 tents or setup further back from sidewalk D.IV.c) More signage on bridge. Balloons. D.IV.d) 1st narrows booth – about 60 stopped D.V. West Van Community day – disorganized & spread out, ~30 people. D.V.a) Next year need a higher traffic location, possibly near spirit trail? E. Up Coming: E.I. Lynn Valley Days (18-Jun) – Don 10-2, Nelson 10-1, Fred 2-4 E.II. Canada Day (1-July): E.II.a) Stickers – need ideas, 10 reasons to ride, Erika can help with sticker quotes & artwork E.II.b) Don to register for parade & booth E.III. We will skip Caribbean days & Harmony Arts E.IV. Car Free day (13-14 Aug) E.IV.a) Don to get us registered E.IV.b) tTy to get a location near bike rodeo & obsession E.V. Bike to shop day (13 Aug) E.VI. FraserFest 28-Aug – Melissa(organizer) – need 6 guides/sweeps for 44km ride. E.VI.a) From Vanier park over 2nd narrows to 1st nations event @ Ambleside and back via 1st narrows. E.VII. CNV - E.VII.a) requested update on Spirit trail bridge/tunnel E.VII.b) no updates on E & W Keith. E.VIII. DNV - E.VIII.a) 21st June mtg with MLAs - Bike highway between Mtn-Hwy & 2nd Narrows. E.VIII.b) Cap road bike lanes – investigate E.VIII.c) J Porter – more signage for one way on 2nd narrows E.VIII.d) Developing a parking policy – for new town centres & new developments. E.IX. DWV E.IX.a) Public Hearing on Mon 13th, Ambleside to Lawson E.IX.a.i) Council is onside, but parking lobby is pushing back E.IX.a.ii) Tony – will speak for HUB. E.IX.b) Working on 15th & 21st uphill cycle lanes

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