Meeting Summary: June 12, 2014

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  1. Attendance :Peter, Antje, Heather, Fiona, Tony, Erin, Erika, Don, Lesley, Dianne, Brian
    • Guest: Darrell Mussatto, Mayor, City of North Vancouver
    • Guest: Steve Beck, Executive Administrator from BEST
  2. Darrell gave overview of City policies regarding active transportation and described plans for upcoming cycling projects (remaining Spirit Trail section between Harbourside and the Quay, Green Necklace, Chesterfield bike route, 13th Street)
  3. Review of agenda, additional agenda items (1min)
  4. North Van Open Street event in 2015 (Heather - 10 min)
    • Heather presented how Open Streets events are typically organized in the US and ideas for a North Shore event
    • Next step is to
  5. New Keith bridge at Lynn Creek (Antje - 10 min)
  6. Possible BEST Bicycle Valet Service for Park Royal (Steve Beck - 20 min)
    • Steve described possible bike valet service at Park Royal for commuters into Vancouver, customers
    • Could also be used to store bike valet equipment so that North Shore can be better serviced at events
    • Fiona described bike & ride in Montreal, Erika new Main Street Skytrain secure bike parking
    • Park Royal also considering secure bike parking for employees with shower facilities
    • Financial model hasn't been discussed, might include bike repair, bike shop
  7. Park Royal Bicycle infrastructure proposals (Peter - 30 min)
    • Peter presented Park Royal plans for bike routes through Park Royal South and North
    • Plans distinguish routes for commuter and recreational cyclists
    • Bike storage centres on south and north side
    • Discussed issues: single-file shared lane too slow for cyclists, riding behind angle-parked cars, riding in traffic in shared lanes, missing connection on Taylor Way (planned for later)
    • Park Royal North: provide separate bike path east-west, maximize nice south facing space
  8. HUB delegation to DNV council - AAA bike network & new town & village centres (Antje - 5 min)
    • Presented about AAA bike routes and new town centre plans, Keith bridge
    • Positive comments from council to have HUB work with staff on plans
    • Should meet with staff soon about Keith bridge, town centres
  9. Announcements (5 min)
  10. Library event (Fiona - 5 min)
  11. Bike Day in Canada recap (Fiona - 5 min)
  12. Lynn Valley Days, West Van Community Day recap (5 min)
  13. Bike to Work Week recap (5 min)
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