Meeting Summary: July 9, 2015

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Dennis, Dianne, Devan, Nelson, Don M., Rob, Erika, Fiona, Amanda, Don P.
  2. Agenda approval/changes additions
  3. Minutes Review (Peter 2 min)
  4. North Shore Safe Routes Advocates (NSSRA) request for HUB funding (10 min)
  5. Mountain Highway exchange update (Devan 15 min)
  6. Car Free day August 22 (Heather 5 min)
  7. HUB-NS outreach package (Dennis 10 min)
  8. West Keith Road, North Van Open House (Rob 10 min)
  9. West Van cycling infrastructure update
    • Spirit Trail
      • Eagleridge Community Centre, west side of Marine Drive past Eagleridge school to Exit 0 by the end of August.
      • improvement to Orchill Road section as well.
      • Consultant to propose a route from Exit 0, to top of Royal Avenue then to Horseshoe Bay followed by public consultation in September.
      • Plan being developed to extend Spirit Trail in Ambleside from 13th to 19th along Argyle - part of a waterfront plan to go to Council.
      • meeting later this month with Park Royal to see what their plans are for the Wardance Bridge.
      • Looking for possibilities to install sections of the Spirit Trail near or on Marine Drive between 25th St and Cranley Drive.
    • North end of the Lions Gate Bridge
      • Wayfinding signage still in planning and negotiating stage - could be installed in 3-4 weeks.
      • Trees have been cleared in a section of walkway on the south side of Marine Drive between Taylor Way and the Capilano Pacific Trail - could be improved for cyclists.
    • North side of highway 1 from Capilano River Bridge to 3rd Street may be done at the end of this fiscal year if funds are available if not, then in 2016.
    • Grosvenor Ambleside 1300 block redevelopment - no cycling facilities shown on Grosvenor website ( surrounded by designated bike routes.
    • 1100 block Keith Road - sidewalk to be installed on south side this summer - may paint a bike lane on the north side if there is enough room.
    • John Calimente would like names and contact info of cyclists in West Van who may wish to comment on cycling infrastructure plans.
  10. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge - suggested improvements to exit onto Dollarton (10 min)
  11. Possible response to Transportation Plebiscite results (Peter 10 min)
  12. Plans for a group assessment ride along the Spirit Trail (Peter 10 min)
  13. Upcoming events including HUB picnic on 12 July (10 min)
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