Meeting Summary: January 3, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Welcome new members and guests: Antje, Peter, Bill, Nelson, Fiona, Mojdeh, Joanne, Heather, Dianne, Mark, Lisa Slakov and Donna Chen, HUB Bike Friendly Business, and Mauree Aki Matsusaka, HUB Communications
  • Additional agenda items

Education & Outreach

  • HUB Bike Friendly Business program (Donna, Lisa)
 - program development in 2013
 - District of West Van and north Van and West van community Centre and Chamber of Commerce - 
   give Donna contacts
 - plan for bike friendly certification
 - suggest most bike friendly business on NS
 - different components: 1.five workshops in work places
 - 2. bikeability assessments; $350 for workplace, $500 for building
 - marketing to cyclists guide on HUB website - rename document
 - nelson will check on Melbourne experience
 - 3. Bike friendly business memberships under development - get testimonials
 - 4. Bike friendly recognition awards to be developed
 - want to build relationships with NS businesses and organizations
 - bike frienly business district - Long Beach California
 - Spirit Trail marketing a possibility - NS Tourism
 - need tro get some money to get started with Donna - Lower Lonsdale a possibility
  • Communications & outreach (Mauree)
 - focus on increasing engagment with members
 - building relationahips, what are our priorities? re-connecting committees
 - updating and restructure website, and standardizing wiki
 - rebranding BWW
 - engaging politicians
 - business cards are under preparation - get template from HUB?
 - we propose to concentrate on community events with prizes (from businesses)
 - advise HUB when we are planning a community event
 - Get Translink bike rack model without push button for events and walking bike (Bill)
 - pedal pushers articles in NS News ( last 21 December)
 - winter bike (Fiona) 7 Feb 0700 - 1300 
  • Follow-up needed regarding bus-cyclist interactions?
    • Chris and Ian, CAW 111 at November 2012 meeting
  • HUB delegation at DNV council meeting in Feb (Antje)
  • TravelSmart school and Exploring Ambleside maps (Helen, Fiona, Heather, Antje, Peter)
 - Peter noted that on the Exploring Ambleside TravelSmart map, the bike route on 21st Street between Bellevue and Marine Drive is missing.


  • DNV Town and Village Centre implementation plans (Antje)
  • Ambleside Streetscape plan (Heather, Peter)
 - Peter showed a map with a separated bike lane encircling the 1300 block and he proposed in his submission to the District to include this configuration along with the STP 
   proposal for bike lanes on both sides of Marine Drive as two possibilities for improved cycling infrastructure on Marine Drive.
  • West Van bike route signage (Peter)
 - It has been noted that bike route signage has been placed along the Bellevue Avenue bike route with only bike route symbols and no bike route names
   as seems to be standard in other districts including North Vancouver. 
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge update (Fiona, Helen)

Other Business

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