Meeting Summary: January 3, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Welcome new members and guests
    • Lisa Slakov and Donna Chen, HUB Bike Friendly Business, and Mauree Aki Matsusaka, HUB Communications
  • Additional agenda items

Education & Outreach

  • HUB Bike Friendly Business program (Donna, Lisa)
  • Communications & outreach (Mauree)
  • TravelSmart school maps (Helen, Fiona, Heather, Antje)
  • HUB delegation at DNV council meeting in Feb (Antje)
  • Follow-up needed regarding bus-cyclist interactions?
    • Chris and Ian, CAW 111 at November 2012 meeting


  • DNV Town and Village Centre implementation plans (Antje)
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge update (Fiona, Helen)
  • Ambleside streetscape plan (Heather)

Other Business

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