Meeting Summary: January 12, 2017

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  • Introductions: Tony (chair), Peter, Don P, Fred, Erika, Fiona, Antje, Dianne, Martyn, Paul, Kevin, Amelia, Giacomo and invited guests from the DNV: Cormac Linehan, Justin Pedley and Nick
  • Lynn Valley Road Underpass Project Presentation
    • Cormac, the Project Manager for the Lynn Valley Road Underpass Project, led the presentation with detailed charts projected onto a screen.
    • The project is being jointly planned by DNV, CNV and MoTI and Donna Howes, a transportation consultant, is involved.
    • The project plan begins from the end of the southbound separated bike lane on Lynn Valley Road, that runs between Mollie Nye Way and Morgan Road.
    • It is planned to add a traffic lane and a 4m wide above grade multi-use-path under the Hwy 1 underpass which narrows to 3.3 m at Sutherland Ave. and continues southward across 21st Street to join the existing bike lane on Crescent Boulevard.
    • Some kind of fencing is being considered to separate the MUP from traffic under the Hwy 1 underpass which could possibly be like the fencing along the Stanley Park Causeway.
    • Our main concern was the planned crossing at Sutherland Ave. and 21st St. where at Sutherland Ave, the MUP curved slightly westward on each side of the intersection to allow a shorter crossing for pedestrians.
    • We pointed out that this would not suit cyclists, so suggested a separate green-painted bike lanes straight across the intersections.
    • It was also suggested that cyclist-activated flashing lights be considered like the ones on the Stanley Park Causeway bike path.
    • We wonder if the the traffic signal at 21st St would be pedestrian activated. They will find out.
    • There is a lightly used bus stop at Sutherland and the bus shelter could be a problem for cyclists.
    • They will look into the possibility of adding a green painted bike lane and suggested a letter with our suggestion to the DNV and CNV by 30 January would be helpful.
    • it is planned to start construction in May/June and it will take 4-6 months to complete.
  • Review of prior meeting minutes
    • Tony's presentation to the DNV on 21 November was viewed online and discussed and several suggestions for letters have been subsequently written.
  • Sunrise Bike Ride next steps
  • UnGapTheMap Workshop
    • Peter and/or Fiona may be available to represent HUB-NS. It will depend on the date which is being determined by a Doodle Poll.
    • Antje got a call about our input to the map.
  • SLOW DOWN NORTH SHORE public forum Jan 26, 6:30pm
    • Tony will be on the panel and others are encourage to attend.
  • City of North Vancouver Update
    • Jones to Grand Boulevard letter has been sent.
    • Despite the request, it was decided not to submit a letter of support for the Green Necklace section from Jones to Lonsdale rather indicate that we do not consider it cycling infrastructure that we can support because it is only 3m wide. Nonetheless, we are not against the project.
    • West Keith/13th St. letter has been sent.
  • District of North Vancouver Update
    • Letters have been prepared re:Maplewood; Low Hanging Fruit projects; and the Financial Plan 2017-2021
  • West Vancouver Update
    • It is planned that Heather Johnston and Neil Winklemann will meet with District engineering staff on 30 January to discuss the status of the plans to extend the Spirit Trail down into Horseshoe Bay Village from Exit 0 and the traffic calming project around Eagle Harbour School.
    • Concern was expressed that they intend to represent HUB-NS but there has been no opportunity for us to share our views on the projects, so Tony will try to arrange for a few of us to meet with them before the 30th.
    • Peter has drafted a delegation request and sent an email to Raymond Fung to see what he thinks about our delegation including a proposal for the District to form a Transportation Consultation Committee.
    • Peter has drafted a HUB letter congratulating the District on separating pedestrians and cyclists on the Spirit Trail through Ambleside.

2017 JAN 12

Peter, tony, Martyn, fred, Nick, Justin, Amelia, Kevin Hay, Don erika, Fred, Cormack, Fiona, AntjeGiacmo, Paul Dianne Lynn Valley Road bike route ciMoti dnv and cnv in project add a lane and a 4m wide mup narrowing to 3.3 m at southerlands and 21st drop down from mup to existing southbound bike lane 21st crossing prblematic because of curve better if it was straghter add flahing lanes add a separate green lane across intersection

Danger by Design fiona

Trnaportation consultatnt – Donna Howes

east side is a cnv project

a letter from us would be helpful by 30 january to CNV and DNV – they will inormal is a lightly used bus stop at Southreland -shelter is a problem for us CNV owns 2 lots they will see about green paint and let downs at this intersection

pedestrian controll crosswalk at 21st? They will check.

Start may/june will take 4-6 months

fence separating traffic uner Hwy 1 underpass. Bollards on gree bike land north of underpass.

Ungapthemap workshop who

Antje got a HUB HQ re the map. Fiona and I

slow down punliv forum tony will be there on the panel– vision 0


letter on green necklace want letter on supporting green l necklance form 21st and Jones to Lonsdale it is a greeway let call them and tell them wecant support this section


letters sent re maplewood also lowhanging fruit letter planner liked it and will add to their list finacial plan letter

Lynn creek town centre – anoterh development -pedestrian bridge across creek spirit trail got emai from community planner and invited Antje to meet to discuss plans

lisa Muri talkeing on cbc 13 people

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