Meeting Summary: January 12, 2017

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  • Introductions: Tony (chair), Peter, Don P, Fred, Erika, Fiona, Antje, Dianne, Martyn, Paul, Kevin, Amelia, Giacomo and invited guests from the DNV: Cormac Linehan, Justin Pedley and Nick
  • Lynn Valley Road Underpass Project Presentation -
    • Cormac, the Project Manager for the Lynn Valley Road Underpass Project, led the presentation with detailed charts projected onto a screen.
    • The project is being jointly planned by DNV, CNV and MoTI and Donna Howes, a transportation consultant is involved.
    • The project plan begins from the end of the southbound separated bike lane on Lynn Valley Road, that runs between Mollie Nye Way and Morgan Road.
    • It is planned to add a traffic lane and a 4m wide above grade multi-use-path under the Hwy 1 underpass which narrows to 3.3 m at Sutherland Ave. and continues southward across 21st Street to join the existing bike lane on Crescent Boulevard.
    • Some kind of fencing is being considered to separate the MUP from traffic under the Hwy 1 underpass which could possibly be like the fencing along the Stanley Park Causeway.
    • Our main concern was the planned crossing at Sutherland Ave. and 21st St. where the MUP curved slightly westward on each side of the intersection to allow a shorter crossing for pedestrians.
    • We pointed out that this would not suit cyclists, so suggested a separate green-painted bike lanes straight across the intersections.
    • It was also suggested that cyclist-activated flashing lights be considered like the ones on the Stanley Park Causeway bike path.
    • We wonder if the the traffic signal at 21st St would be pedestrian activated. They will find out.
    • There is a lightly used bus stop at Southreland and the bus shelter could be a problem for cyclists.
    • They will look into the possibility of adding a green painted bike lane and suggested a letter with our suggestion to the DNV and CNV by 30 January would be helpful.
  • Review of prior meeting minutes
    • Tony's presentation to the DNV on 21 November was viewed online and discussed and several suggestions for letters have been written.
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