Meeting Summary: December 2, 2010

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Welcome new members and guests
  • Attendance: Peter, Bill, Antje, Jen, Dianne, Tamiko, John
  • Additional business: none
  • Review November minutes

Education & Outreach

Hot Spots & Issues

  • Lions Gate Bridge (Peter)
    • New contact is Matt Choquette
    • Online map with cycling facilities still not updated, but everything discussed at Sep meeting will be built
    • Project to be finished by end of March
  • Iron Workers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge (John)
    • John summarized meeting with Burnaby and Vancouver VACC committees. Lorraine moderated meeting.
    • John spoke with MoT about 2nd Narrows. Will focus on short-term improvements, such as rub rail on both sides of bridge sidewalk (such as on rusty bridge across Lynn Creek)
  • SeaBus bike facilities (Tamiko)
    • Tamiko spoke with Gavin and Translink contact about improving bike access and parking on SeaBus.
  • Hierarchy of cycle route constructs and markings (Peter)
    • Peter shared prioritized list (on wiki)
  • Welsh Street (Bart)
    • Bart sent email that open house with Squamish Nation will happen in the new year

Action Items

  • Peter to follow up on Taylor Wood issues
  • Tamiko to follow up with Translink
  • Jay to email Cllr Bassam to initiate dialogue on future advocacy efforts in District
  • Jay to follow up with City and District regarding signs and driver education about green sharrow lanes
  • Group to follow progress at JBAC and District TPAC
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