Meeting Summary: December 11, 2014

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Fiona, Don M., Antje, Nelson, Heather, Devan, Don P.
  2. Announcements:
    • Antje on DNV transportation consultation committee
    • Bike day in Canada 25 May (Fiona)
  3. HUB-Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure meeting update (Antje)
    • A 1 Dec meeting in Coquitlam recommended improved consultation with HUB and want a priority list from each Committee
  4. North Shore priority improvement list for Ministry
    • Based on the criteria of heavy usage by cyclists and safety concerns, it was decided the following projects should be given a higher priority:
      • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge access improvements, north side such as the following:
        • Widen & fence about 10m of Main on-ramp sidewalk east of crosswalk to new path to Barrow St
        • Widen & fence Main on-ramp sidewalk to bridge
        • Barrow St extension path underneath bridge to Dollarton Hwy
      • improve eastbound approach to the Lions Gate Bridge from Marine Drive and Taylor Way including fencing of the southbound sidewalk approach to Lions Gate Bridge, to prevent cyclists from falling into traffic
      • Redesign Lillooet Rd/Mt Seymour Parkway intersection to include bike path crossings and shorten cyclist/pedestrian crossing times
      • Bike lane on Fern St overpass between Keith extension and Mt Seymour Parkway
      • safety improvements for cyclists on the Sea to Sky Highway as per report
      • Taylor Way bike lanes
      • Widen sidewalks on the Upper Levels Highway bridge over the Capilano River
    • Other projects considered important but of a lesser priority are as follows:
      • Exit 0 in Horseshoe Bay for West Vancouver Spirit Trail
      • West Vancouver Highway 1 Capilano River to 3rd Street, changes on north side shoulder to accommodate West Vancouver bike route
      • construct a multi-purpose switch-back path from Keith Road to the south sidewalk on the Upper Levels Highway bridge over the Capilano River
      • improve bike route and wayfinding signage
      • redesign cyclist use of the seabus with designated section
      • eastbound off-ramp to Westview Drive
      • cycling pedestrian overpasses over Hwy 1 north of Mountain Highway at 14th St and at Casano - Loutet further south
  5. Lower Mountain Highway (Devan)
    • west side is temporary
    • widening on east side will be done piece by piece
    • bike route planned down Orwell
    • will be an opportunity for public input and there will be a vote on a piece by piece basis
  6. DNV OCP monitoring indicators for transportation targets
    • need a breakdown specifically for for cycling
    • some factors to consider in measuring how the goals are met are as follows:
      • mode share;
      • km of bike lanes and greenways;
      • transportation spending;
      • how many gaps have been closed
      • % of bike network completed separated, signed bike lanes and sharrow lanes
      • safe route to schools including connections to bike routes
    • counters are needed – none in DNV
    • these indicators would be good for all municipalities
  1. New Mountain Highway interchange (Devan)
    • showed map of interchange with proposed bike routes in green
    • met with MLA Thornthwaite who was briefed on the proposed cycling connections
    • Cyndi Gerlach, school trustee, and new councillor, Matthew Bond, were there
    • we asked to be involved in the planning and to be given the opportunity to sign off on the plans
    • we would like to see the involvement of MoT staff but plans not yet sent to DNV - we need to get DNV to arrange this
    • Antje will follow-up with Bond
  2. 3rd St Highway 1 access in West Van
    • Joel got an email from Ray Fung saying that DWV had a meeting with residents and decided not to proceed
    • Peter will follow up with John Calimente
  3. Chesterfield Avenue update (Heather)
    • a letter has been sent about the traffic circle at Keith Road intersection
    • the City will bring a plan to us in the new year
  4. Stanley Park Causeway
    • compromise plan well received
    • this planning process should be used as a model for future infrastructure plans

  1. DNV OCP monitoring indicators for transportation targets (all - 15min)
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