Meeting Summary: April 4, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Attendance: Antje, Heather, Peter, Dianne, Mary-Ellen, Fiona, Yok Leng, Kathy,
  • Welcome new members and guests
  • Additional agenda items

Education & Outreach

  • HUB delegation at West Van council meeting May 6 (Heather/Peter)
    • Dry run
    • 3-min presentation to WV Chamber of Commerce on 16 April 1700 at Park Royal Community Room
  • City Cycling book for councils (Antje/Peter/Heather)
    • 4 delivered to West Van, 4 to City NV and 3 to District NV
  • Park Royal cycling infrastructure update (Peter)
    • problem getting getting bikes approaching new intersection heading north and wanting to go west on Marine Drive
    • final painting of lines and landscaping to be done by the end of April
    • no decision yet on a multi-purpose crossing over the Capilano River - widow of opportunity is July August
    • still planning green-painted lanes including past new development at White Spot location
  • Provincial election in May
    • Questions for provincial election candidates on the North Shore
    • HUB is preparing questions for Metro Vancouver
    • Possibly pre-election province-wide poll on
    • Fiona has applied greenest city grant for a 1230 -1400 2May event - 4 to 5 panelist for a webcast ($500-600)
    • SFU to help facilitate - get Gordon Price involved
  • Bike to School on the North Shore
    • Follow up from last meeting: contact schools & PACs, other ideas?
  • North Shore bike map distribution
    • Last year we did NS bike shops and at events
  • 40km/h speed limit proposal for residential streets from City of Victoria
    • Proposal to go to this year's UBCM


  • Cycling during construction of new Low Level Road (Heather)
  • 13th St at Lonsdale (approved Onni development)
  • Bike network plan for Lower Capilano Marine Village Centre
    • have a bike network plan and we should comment on it
  • Keith-Lynn school rezoning for North Shore Studios (Antje)
  • Government Road on Bowen Island (from Richard)
    • Anybody wants to take this on?

Other Business

  • Event Coordinator - Mary-Ellen
    • we have list of events, lets do 4
    • support BTWW at LGB,Lynn Valley days. NV Canada Day, West Van Community Day,Deep Cove
    • Evolution Bikes and Different Bikes, bus rack demo, Cobs Breads, left overs from BTWW
  • Feedback to HUB Regional Advisory Committee Action Plan
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