Meeting Summary: April 14, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Brian, Antje, Peter S, Tony (Chair), Peter T, Martyn, Fiona, Dianne, Nelson, Fred, Erika, Heather, Nelson
  2. Minutes Review (5 min)
  3. Review and planning for upcoming events (25 min)
    • Gleneagles Bikefest Saturday, May 28 10am-1pm at the Gleneagles Community Centre\
    • MEC Bikefest Saturday, May 28 - Would anyone in the committee be interested in leading a slow/easy ride to teach people about safe commuting and safe city riding?
    • Canada Bike Day Monday, May 30 (Fiona Walsh)
    • Bike to Work Week - Obsession to sponsor?
    • May Discussion Additional Events: West Van Community Day (4 June), North Van Canada Day (1 July) and Lynn Valley Days (18 June)
  4. Bike Theft (Dianne)
  5. Tactical Contact List (Tony)
    • All bike shops
    • NSMBA, other bike groups
    • Differently abled
  6. Infrastructure Ride (Martyn and Tony)
  7. Proclamations for Bike to Work Week (Antje)
  8. Active Transportation Article - North Shore News (Heather)
  9. Call For Proposals: Adult Recreational Cycling (Road or Hybrid)from the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission
  10. Municipalities
    • CNV Update (10 min Heather)
      • Delegation in October 2016
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard
    • DNV Update (10 min Antje)
      • Lynn Valley Road bike lanes
      • Council workshop on AAA bike network / Kay Teschke
    • DWV Update (10 min Peter)
      • HUB letter on Keith Road Safety Improvements
      • Response from DWV on Spirit Trail Safety Improvements
      • Meeting with John Calimente on 26 April

Notes 14 April sybil, fiona, rob, Nelson, Martyn, Fred, erika, dianne,Tony, Don, Peter, Greg, Antje, Ann

fiona – emergnecy planning meeting debriefing Anastasia wants a list of intereted participants Emergency prearedness week on 2 May bikes have access that cars can,t get to Anastai will brie her boss and we may get an opportunity in October

Bike Day in Canada 30 May on civic plaza 4-6 pm Save on Food possible RCMP 2 rides 5 and 10 km HUB table north shore bike shop evolution bikes north shore safety council will do a rodeo need to advertise it better wants to get a well known athlete applied for a grant to give out gifts to particioants suggest contact Endless Biking in Lynn Valley

Events 1. Glen eagles bikefest 10-12 am we have our own tent Ann will pick it up display stadn from HUB

2. MEC tent from HUB HQ display stand from HUB HQ Mark with transporter BTWW 1st narrows (HUB) 2nd narrows (HUB_NS)

CNV in Oasis and Hope centre  mid lonsdales

Obsession Bikes wants to come to our station we need to tell HUB when we want our on Thursday afternoon Dianne wiil contact HUB

3. Parades Alex Boston lynn Valley Days next meeting 12 May 4. Bike theft Dianne 529 garage (Jay Allard) and VPD were there 529 now includes West Van encourage registration and get a decal try to ban cable locks bike racks DNV will put standarsdizes ones get commercial units to provide racks and locks S/N not good decal is better suggest we register bike at our BTWW station we should wrtite DNV and CNV

tactical contact list get people out to council meeting use HUB membership list

5. Martyn wnat ot orgnize a group bike ride engineers and planners to show infrastruxtur get outside experts Jeff Lee HUB board member not DNV workshop on 3 may? 6. Proclamstions for BTWW Antje for rhe DNV and heather arranged for CNV also get councilors to ride their bikes to work 7. teaching bike skills like pedalheads 8. Antje talked to John Calimete 9. DNV Antje will finalzie letter on LynnValley Don suggests Armadillos if we can't get separated lanes -could be a pilot project workshop with prof from UBC on safety of differnet types of bike

cnv – heather letter 

Hub leeter to get ffunding

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