Meeting Agenda: June 4, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Attendance
  • Guest: Stephen Blore, Transportation Planner, City of North Vancouver
  • Additional agenda items


  • Chesterfield improvement project 4th St to 13th St (Stephen Blore)

Education & Outreach

  • HUB delegation at North Van City council meeting 24 June on all ages & abilities bike routes (Heather, Fiona)
  • HUB delegation at West Van council meeting 6 May on Ambleside Bike Friendly Business District, recap (Heather, Peter)
  • Events recap: Lynn Valley Days, West Van Community Day, Bike to Work Week
  • Bike ride & dinner with MP John Weston, recap (Antje, Dianne, Fiona)


  • Updates from North Van transportation advisory committees (Nelson, Heather)
  • 13th St at Lonsdale planned cycling facilities with Onni development
    • Does anybody want to take this on?
  • North Van District town and village centres (Antje)
    • Lower Lynn Town: Mountain Highway
    • Lynn Valley Town: public consultation on implementation plan
  • Mt Seymour Parkway repaving east of Mt Seymour Road, no cycling facilities (Antje)
  • DNV Cycling Safety Review

Other Business

  • HUB AGM in Burnaby on May 11, recap
  • Organization of meetings and committee (discussion)
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