Meeting Agenda: January 14, 2016

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  1. Introduction and Attendance (5 min)
  2. Minutes Review (5 min)
  3. Review of Upcoming Events List Link:
  4. Municipality engagement strategies
  5. CNV Update (Heather)

Site 8 - Lonsdale and Esplanade Intersection Planning There are images for Mountain Hwy and Crown St on board #9:

  1. DNV Update (Antje)
  2. DWV Update (Peter)

HUB HQ would like to solicit your contributions - feedback, or writing a 300-500 word article - for the February edition of BCCC's WeCycle Magazine: - Update about cycling on the North Shore - general or a specific topic - Massey Tunnel Replacement Project - what we know & what keeps us up at night - New HUB committee in Langley - what's been happening since (re)formation?

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