Meeting Agenda: January 14, 2016

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  1. 1 Introduction and Attendance (5 min)

Minutes Review (5 min) Review of Upcoming Events List Link: BTWW summary We counted over 200 people. The off ramp is a good location. Thanks to Tony from John Henry and Nesters for sponsorship. Thank you card for Nester's Grocery - committee to sign Tony to bring. Antje to follow up with him. Cycling Expo on October 18, 2015 Lynn Valley Village summary (Fiona) No people showed up. It was raining. Bike rack and only a couple of people tried it. Recommend to do it again year. Delegation presentation for District of North Van council meeting Oct 26 summary (Antje) Ungap the Map - focus on the IWMB and lower Lynn area. Council is thinking about traffic management in that area. New Phibbs exchange, new town center, new highway interchanges. Likely DNV Council Committee of the Whole meeting end of November Lisa Muri asked to have a special committee of the whole meeting about cycling talking about the bike network and overlaps with Safe Routes Advocacy. Meeting date not set. AAA workshop. Nov ? CNV ITC meeting in December - what would our group like to discuss?

Municipality engagement strategies CNV Update (Heather) Green Necklace E Keith and Grand Blvd Chesterfield DNV Update

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