Meeting Agenda: December 11, 2014

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  1. Attendance and introductions
  2. Agenda approval/changes additions
  3. Priority list for Ministry of Transportation (all - 45min)
    • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge access improvements, north side
      • Widen & fence about 10m of Main on-ramp sidewalk east of crosswalk to new path to Barrow St
      • Widen & fence Main on-ramp sidewalk to bridge
      • Barrow St extension path underneath bridge to Dollarton Hwy
    • Redesign Lillooet Rd/Mt Seymour Parkway intersection to include bike path crossings and shorten cyclist/pedestrian crossing times
    • Protected bike lane on Fern St overpass to Mt Seymour Parkway
    • Taylor Way bike lanes
    • Exit 0 in Horseshoe Bay for West Vancouver Spirit Trail
    • West Vancouver Highway 1 Capilano River to 3rd Street, changes on north side shoulder to accommodate West Vancouver bike route
    • Fencing of southbound sidewalk approach to Lions Gate Bridge, to prevent cyclists from falling into traffic
    • ...
  4. New Mountain Highway Interchange update (Devan, Antje - 10min)
  5. Chesterfield NB protected bike lane update (Heather - 5min)
  6. New municipal councils (all - 5min)
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