Meeting Agenda: December 11, 2014

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  1. Attendance and introductions
    • Fiona, Ben, Don, Antje, Sibylle, Nelson, Heather, Devan, Dianne
  2. Agenda approval/changes additions
  3. Vote to Bike (all - 15min)
    • 2 questions sent out to all municipal candidates in Metro Vancouver
    • DNV highest response rate, CNV third, DWV about 50% responded
  4. Jones Ave next steps (Heather - 10min)
    • Wait for approval of joint meeting to better define AAA
    • Discussed definition of AAA, other jurisdictions
  5. West Vancouver Hwy 1 north side assessment ride (Capilano River to Taylor Way) (Antje, Ben - 15min)
    • Antje to finalize letter and send to West Van, Ministry
  6. Video to highlight regional bike network gaps (Antje - 10min)
    • Need volunteers for video at Main/2nd Narrows and Marine Drive/Lions Gate bridge
    • Peter, Antje, Will, Nelson, will send out email when we have a date
  7. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge sidewalk widening update (5min)
    • Signs updated to January 15, 2015 east sidewalk completion
  8. Ministry of Transportation planning (Antje - 10min)
  9. Keith bridge and area update (Brian - 5min)
  10. Bike to Work Week recap (Dianne, all - 10min)
    • Station at Different Bikes on Main, rainy weather, support from Different Bikes, Montroyal Bagels, Starbucks
  11. HUB's Adopt-a-Street/Trail update (Dianne, Antje - 5min)
    • Spirit Trail adoption going well, Dianne has volunteers to January 2015
    • Looking for volunteers for Feb, March
    • District put up HUB Adopt sign at East Keith Road at Brooksbank
  12. North Shore emergency exercise & volunteers (Fiona - 10min)
    • NSEMO considers including bikes in emergency response, but no definite plans
    • Looking for volunteers for either NSEMO or RCMP program
  13. Lower Lynn ride with District staff (Antje - 5min)
  14. Low Level Rd & Spirit Trail (all)
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