Lions Gate Bridge to Lonsdale & 27th

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I've experimented with many routes to make this journey and have finally found what I consider to be the best route. It uses several non-car paths to gain advantage :)

Key shortcuts:

  • Path between Keith Rd and 23rd Street
  • Path next to Upper Levels Highway from Lloyd Ave to Westview Drive
  • Paved path from Westview Drive to 25th St
  • Jump the curb at 25th St and Chesterfield

Suggested Improvements:

  • Add curb drops for accessing and leaving the path between Keith Rd and 23rd Street
  • Shift the barricades on Keith/23rd path for safer bicycle use
  • Clean/maintain the path along the Upper Levels
  • Add curb drop to access paved path from Westview Drive to 25th St
  • Add curb-isolated eastbound cycling lane to 25th St
  • Add curb drops to access Chesterfield from 25th St
  • Add crosswalk and bicycle accessible signal button on south side of 27th and Lonsdale intersection for eastbound crossing


  • Start point: Heading east on Marine Drive just after the bridge (near the video billboard).
  • Continue east to Capliano Road. Nasty intersection for bicycles. If you have the confidence use the middle lane and turn with the cars, else follow the crosswalks around. Beware of the westbound left turn lane from Marine onto Capilano.
  • Start climbing Capilano Road. The road is narrow and a dangerous, hence the new construction to add bicycle lanes.
  • Follow the entrance to Highway 1 but turn right on the short road into Pemberton Heights.
  • At Keith Road look for the trail that heads east. There are several barricades and often cars parked in front. The right side is the easiest approach.
  • Continue along 23rd St to Lloyd Ave and turn left on Lloyd Ave.
  • Follow Lloyd Ave all the way to the Upper Levels highway and you'll find a passage to the separated path next to the freeway on your right.
  • Follow the path along the freeway to Westview Drive.
  • Turn left on Westview Drive and go over the freeway. You will need to get onto the sidewalk after crossing the westbound offramp to make it easy to get on the paved path down onto 25th St.
  • Take the paved path down to 25th St. (A small dog on the sun deck will probably bark at you ;)
  • Follow 25th St to Chesterfield. Note that at Jones Ave it becomes a 1-way against you. Just stick to the right. The traffic is very low along here (and this is a candidate for setting up curb-isolated bike lane).
  • Turn left at Chesterfield Ave. You'll need to jump the curb to get onto it. Another place for improvement!
  • Follow Chesterfield Ave to 27th St and turn right.
  • Follow 27th St to Lonsdale Ave. There is a crossing signal here but it's on the north side of the street only and far from the curb, so not cycle friendly. Another place for improvement!

From there to top of Lonsdale and Lynn Valley are in easy striking range.

Google Map with details

LGB to 27th and Lonsdale.png

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