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Group Ride: May 20, 2010

  • Ride around the proposed Village Loop Trail in West Vancouver
  • Leaving from Artigiano's on the south side of Park Royal at 6:00pm

Route and Objective

  • Description of the route and link to Google Map plus why this route was chosen (what to watch for)

Village Bike Loop 08-02-10.jpg


  • Only Dave and I showed up for the ride. Bill dropped by to chat but could not join us on the ride. We checked out several of the Hot Spots (Bridge Ambleside/Park Royal and Spirit Trail at 13th/West Van) then opted to wait for those more closely associated with the Village Loop trail on later ride. Instead we rode up the west shore of the Capilano to the Fullerton Ave bridge, across the trail to Tatlow, walked up the "Chicken Walk" and rode Keith to the connector trail at 23rd, stopped and visited Bill at his place, tried his electric assist bike, then rode up Lloyd to the UL trail to Westview, across to 25th and along my route to William and 29th. A lot of topics were discussed and issues uncovered - fodder for some more pages on the Wiki. It was a good ride. - Jay MacDonald
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