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Notice of motion for City of North Vancouver council meeting on June 18, 2012, sent to HUB-NS by Councillor Bookham on June 12



Submitted by: Councillor P.J. Bookham

WHEREAS Port Metro Vancouver has sought to impose a deadline of June 30, 2012 for Council to approve unconditionally a design for the Low Level Road;

WHEREAS our ability to meet the June 30th deadline has been frustrated by Port Metro Vancouver's failure to honour its responsibility to provide all necessary information regarding the impact of the proposed project prior to the Public Consultation phase, specifically a cumulative effects report that includes but is not limited to noise impacts, air quality, slope stability and traffic, and to provide detailed information on how the impacts of the Low Level Road will be mitigated;

WHEREAS the public response to Port Metro Vancouver's preferred design suggest that it fails to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and that it does not adequately address the negative impacts on nearby residents;

WHEREAS Council has a duty to ensure the integrity of the public process, and to make thoughtful, balanced decisions that serve the interests of the community first and foremost;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council seek by mutual agreement with Port Metro Vancouver to extend the decision date in order to consider alternative designs, specifically:

THAT the City provide enough land to accommodate one not two additional rail lines, thereby securing the needed width to create a safe, separated multi-modal path on the South Side of the Low Level Road;

THAT the proposed suspension bridge and the 3rd Street overpass be removed from the agreement;

THAT should Port Metro Vancouver fail to agree to extend the deadline, that Council reject their preferred design.

Councillor Pam Bookham

141 West 14th St, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9


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