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Proposed North Shore cycling map

On February 7, 2011 we sent an email to the three North Shore municipalities regarding the proposed bike map:

Mayor Walton, Councillor Bassam, Ms. Annie Kim, Mayor Mussatto, Councillor Heywood, Ms. Dragana Mitic, Mayor Goldsmith-Jones, Councillor Soprovich, Mr. Brent Dozzi, and the North Vancouver Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee:

The North Shore Committee of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) would like to help develop a cycling map for the North Shore. The VACC is a staff-run, volunteer-driven, non-profit society whose more than 1300 members work to improve conditions for cycling. It is the VACC's mission to make cycling an integral part of the transportation culture in Metro Vancouver.

The District of West Vancouver's Strategic Transportation Plan (2010) lists under the foundational and easy to implement priorities for the first year: "Create a formalized cycling map clearly depicting both commuter and recreational bicycle routes" (p.86). The North Vancouver Bicycle Master Plan (2006) recognizes that "there is no North Vancouver-specific bicycle map identifying designated routes and other routes used by cyclists in the City and District" (p.12). Translink's regional cycling map includes the North Shore ( ), but as a regional map it does not provide enough detail for North and West Vancouver.

A user-friendly map, available in print and online, is a simple means to get more use out of the existing cycling infrastructure. It would encourage more people to ride their bikes for transportation and recreation and help current cyclists to switch more often from car to bike. We envision a credit card-sized folding map that covers all of the North Shore, from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove.

We would be happy to help with the process of developing and producing such a map. As a non-profit society, the VACC may also qualify for community grants that could be used to cover part of the cost, for example of map printing.

Will you support this proposal for a North Shore cycling map? If yes, who in your municipality can we contact to start developing such a map?

Sincerely, Antje Wahl for the North Shore Committee, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition

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