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'''Starting in February 2021 HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings will change to the first Thursday of every month''', still at at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.
'''Starting in February 2021 HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings will change to the first Thursday of every month''', still at at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

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Starting in February 2021 HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings will change to the first Thursday of every month, still at at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Attendees: Erika, Fred, Paul S, Rhiannon, Peter S, Tove, Sibylle, Dana, Antje, Don, Mike



  • HUB 2020 Infrastructure award submission
    • West 1st/2nd - Done

Goals & Objectives

  • 2021 Goals Setting
    • Implementation of 3 top priority Bikeways - next steps
      • will work on these in Feb Meeting
    • Establish communications with community stakeholders re Bikeways.
      • Communications group has had a couple meeting focusing on objectives, messages and target audience.
      • Hope to have a plan for next meeting

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Staff Bike Around
    • We had a bike around with 2 members of staff on Dec 17th: Chesterfield, East 4th/3rd, Queensbury, East and West Keith, 2nd/1st St, Mackay MUP, Larson and Jones.
    • Showed the good, the bad and the ugly! Praised them re: 1st St.
  • East Keith
    • Staff are conducting a safety study on East Keith from Sutherland down to Brooksbank
    • Sent letter to CNV staff re: pinch point at Heywood and the downhill bike lane. Response: consultant providing a review of delineator installations. They'll get back to us. They're actively installing delineators in the city.
  • Grand Blvd
    • Posts installed at intersections to make the previously north-bound car lane on W Grand a bicycle lane
  • City Priority Routes
    • Phase 1
      • 1st Street (almost complete)
      • Casano-Loutet overpass (construction starts in Jan)
      • Jones from 22 up to 24th
        • Discussed access to 24th between Westview and Jones
    • Phase 2
      • Esplanade
        • Community engagement has ended.
        • Detailed design started, more engagement spring 2021
        • Construction to begin in summer/fall 2021
        • >> Why not use 2nd as bike route - need to speak with Danial Watson
        • AI: Dana will raise this????
      • Midtown Connector to Casano Loutet bridge - 13th to Boulevard then up to 17th?
      • Upper Levels Greenway East
    • Phase 3
      • St. Davids
      • Chesterfield 13th down
      • Upper Levels Greenway West
  • ITC - Dana & Jonathan
    • Public can listen, but not participate in ITC meetings.
    • AI: Dana and Jonathan to share HUB input with ITC

District of North Vancouver - Sibylle/Fred

  • 2021 Plan:
    • Tatlow+W15th
    • Ruffus/Kirkstone and Brooksbank to connect to Casano/Loutet overpass
    • Hunter street bridge in Lynn Creek TC
      • design has started, construction start in summer.
    • Steep MUP from Deep Cove to Parkgate via Indian River neighbourhood
    • Upper LV Road (Phase I) from TC to Peters Road in 2021. Peters to Dempsey planned for 2022 but may be included in Phase I.
      • Upper LVR improvements contingent on obtaining third party infrastructure funding.
      • Assuming funding is successful it means the "DNV will be spending 50% of the transportation budget on active transportation according to Mayor Little."
  • Meeting with Ingrid on January 19 to go over HUB priorities.
  • Meeting with Ingrid on January 26 on upper Lynn Valley Rd. uphill protected bike path currently in the design stage, considering using a curb to protect the bikelane.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

  • Separated bike lane on Royal Avenue in Horseshoe Bay - Display boards
  • Meeting with West Vancouver police department on 7 January.
    • Crash stats in police records - Cyclist at fault/partially in ~50%
    • Focus one protecting the elderly. Especially on/crossing Bellevue.
    • Cyclists are getting tickets and warnings, but much less than drivers. Seems they are fair to cyclists.
    • West Van has been using "Bait bikes", with good results.
  • >> Discussed removing more parking on ab st to allow separated bike & pedestrian paths.
    • Moving the police station freed up at least 22 parking spaces, and the addition of lots of free public parking under Grovener building, should compensate for the ## removed for separated facilities.
    • >> AI: Liaisons to confirm #s and prepare propose for Staff & council

MOTI - Antje/Don

  • Lower Lynn - Monthly meeting
    • Mountain Hwy Interchange
      • HUB feedback to action items from active transportation safety audit - most items are good, but the consultant missed a few issues
        • >> Salop Tail Access from SB Mtn Hwy is too sharp.
        • >> They have ground down the curb to improve this a bit
        • >> AI: Liaisons to discuss with DNV adding protection to bikelane so bollards can be removed.
      • 4m MUP along westbound Mtn Hwy offramp problematic as shown in design
        • >> MoTI will send details and try to address concerns
      • Sandbar in cycle shoulder on East side of Hwy1
        • >> shared pictures with MoTI, they will investigate case and possible solutions
  • BC Economic Recovery funding - for MoTI - Press Release
    • started in Nov, must be spend (1.9M$) by March! - NS News
    • HUB provided feedback to design team (Parsons) on early design of Lynn Valley Rd underpass and Capilano Rd interchange
    • 3 North Shore Projects:
      • Lynn Valley Rd Underpass - Design only (ready to put out to tender) - currently early draft
        • 2m bikeway next to 2m pedestrian path, less thought underpass
        • Congested section N of underpass due to property line and future crossing of new greenway
        • Requested removal of slip lanes, or making them more orthogonal to improve sightlines & safety.
      • Capilano Road interchange - Design only (ready to put out to tender) - currently early draft
        • 4m MUP from EB Hwy to Cap Road
        • 4m bi-directional bikelane + sidewalk from Cap rd to Keith
        • Improved South intersection crossings & islands (NB)
        • 2m Bikelane next to 2m sidewalk NB on Capilano Rd (1.8+1.8 north of bridge)
        • 2M Bikelane next to existing sidewalk SB on Capilano Rd
        • >> missing connection to Hugo Ray connector via North side onramp
          • AI: Liaisons to ask them to add Hugo Ray connection
      • Lion Gate Bridge improvements - (Not just a design)
        • No details yet AI: Liaisons to get details for review
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Still waiting for draft report

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/Giacomo/Paul

  • We are working on a communications plan
    • AI: share plan at Feb Meeting
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