2020 Goals

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Possible 2020 Goals & Objectives

The following goals were suggested at Our Nov 2019 meeting. We will need to select a few (2-3). The Goals must be achievible and measureable.

Our 2019 Goal of 3 Top priority bikeways, is obviously a multi-year project, and both DNV & DNV councils have approved it in principal but they have not approved an implementation plan nor budget for them yet (though several segments are already underway)

  1. Establish implementation plan for priority network (3 bikeways)
  2. Ensure budget allocation for priority network (3 bikeways)
  3. Activate Bike Share program
  4. Establish communication with business community
    1. Lower Lonsdale?
    2. Park Royal-Ambleside
  5. Grow membership by 10%
    1. HUB Membership on North Shore?
    2. On our communication channels (Email, Twitter, Facebook)?
  6. Complete bridgehead connections
    1. Connection from 1st & 2nd narrows to what destinations?
    2. Should this just be considered part of our top priority main2marine bikeway?
  7. Define a solution for Welch Street
    1. Currently we are pushing DWV & DNV to provide a protected bikeway on Marine from the bridge to Tatlow in Van
  8. Project priority list
  9. Enhance monitoring and data collection capabilities (before / after studies)
  10. Push for more transparent staff communications on major projects (e.g. Esplanade bike lanes)
  11. Raise North Shore cycling issues with MOTI and be represented in planning study
  12. Engage with Metro Van parks department
  13. Engage with developers - Done - Fred has taken on this role
  14. Establish school liaisons - Done - Tammy and Martyn have taken on this role
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