2019-08-08 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee holds regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. Everybody is welcome. The meetings are at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions


2019 Objectives


  • TransLink Regional Transportation Strategy (Transport 2050) collecting input until September for plan to be completed late 2020.
  • Draft Whitepaper on economic impacts of installing bike lanes.
    • Erika working on 1 page abc slide
  • Review of HUB State of Cycling maps for the North Shore. - Jay
    • . Classifications: meeting with TransLink's Transportation Planning SubCommittee (TPSC) next Friday, July 12th
  • Letters
    • Brenda re Dollarton/Cap U residences
    • Lyle re unsafe Lynn trail detours
    • Don re broken rails on causeway
      • these are the same as the ones as 2nd Narrows which are also damaged and awaiting repair
    • Rhiannon re Ironworkers signage creating conflict
      • Jay sent proposed signage quick fix to help provide positive guidance - MoTI rep away for most of August
  • Bowen Island - Have $$ for cross island bike route
    • need a champion to drive this
      • can contact BI HUB members and yahoo/twitter
      • need someone to help them get organized.
      • BI councillor interested in an assessment ride.

Events - Fred

  • Parkgate Community- early September
  • Fall Bike to Work Week - Oct 21-25 2019

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Oct 7th - Delegation to Council to present our goals and request implementation plan and funding.
    • Feedback and recommended next steps
  • 20 in 20 list

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Antje

  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd)
    • work is underway.
    • send thanks you to councillors and those who send supporting emails
  • Meeting with Staff- August 7, 2019
    • focus on wayfinding on 15th but also upcoming projects
    • issues tracker updated and sent to Ingrid
    • Lower Mountain and E Keith crossing conflicts with left and right turn vehicles - letter detailing concerns submitted - analysis underway by staff but no commitment to change anything
    • Ross Road bridge replacements - no cycling infrastructure included in project (widened bridges with new sidewalks)
    • Lower Mountain and Oxford - protected cycle path design input
    • Lynn Valley Road - pilot project uphill bike lane from Mountain to Kilmer
    • Status of other pilot projects - can we enhance / extend these?
  • Oct 7th - Delegation to Council to present our goals and request implementation plan and funding.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter S

  • Meeting with Staff - 17 Jun. UPDATE
  • 12 June meeting between Squamish Nation and Park Royal re widened sidewalk on Welch Street Bridge over the Capilano River.
  • Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan - Phase 1 - Visioning meetings
  • No Bike Valet at Harmony Arts
    • talk to Organizers or West Van?

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James

  • Channels
    • Yahoo Group -
    • Twitter - Antje sends out local news
    • FaceBook - James has offered to maintain a HUB NS account
    • HUB membership (NS)
  • Communications
    • Upcoming HUB Events & meetings
    • Current cycling news & NS Issues
    • Publicizing opportunities to provide input (Public meetings, online surveys, ...)
    • Request for support of improvements & projects
    • Annual committee update - Don
  • How to expand our reach & effectiveness
    • Other groups - Cycle clubs, NSMBA
    • Local media (NS News & Global Canadian)
    • Any other ideas
    • Presentations to Councils, business groups, schools? ...
  • Recruiting "interested but concerned" people
    • Membership coordinator?
    • adopt-a-gap
    • reach out to people who cc us on letters/emails to governments.
  • Create a library of good/bad infrastructure on the North Shore
    • Need a volunteer(s) and a list of locations.

BC Ferries - Peter S

  • ANYTHING NEW this month?

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • ANYTHING NEW this month?
  • e-Bikes on Buses - Update on HUB HQ discussions with TransLink
  • Bike parking at Exchanges:
    • letter to Translink re Lonsdale Quay -pinged Rex, still no response, how to escalate??
    • Also want space for future at Phibbs (and for bike share)

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • walk though of Mountain/Brooksbank intersection with Jay Porter and Mike Farnyk (contractor rep)
    • signage and striping incomplete, considering options to allow westbound sidewalk riding on Keith Road
    • upcoming detours will move cyclists to west side of Mountain via two-way fenced path - need to ensure proper signage, adequate width for uphill/downhill travel and connectivity to crosswalk at ArborLynn
    • summer closure of pathway connection under Highway 1 - sidewalk detour signed via Keith / Fern - issues with sidewalk riding and narrow pinch points
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